AI: Strategic Tool for Improving Work Environment

By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 01, 2019

Unleashing the potential of Artificial intelligence, talent leaders can create a more personalized employee experience and thus improve the work environment.

FREMONT, CA: Human Resource (HR) professionals are now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) across internal domains, including talent management, HR service delivery,  and workforce management.  Soon, AI will be a critical part of HR talent development strategies as the modern business is under a constant state of disruption. Therefore, HR teams must foster their agility tools and tactics needed to help employees keep pace and reskill them on demand. AI can identify the skills of the future and deploying the right talent development resources. Following are high-value use cases of AI that is providing meaningful results to HR teams.

• Personalization

AI can harness data from various sources to provide the right support to the right person at the right time. It is not just about pushing online courses to the employees but includes a full range of potential support tactics, including training, coaching, and performance support.

• Virtual Assistant

For HR department AI-supported virtual assistants usually mean chatbots put in place for customer contact centers or help-desk-related process flows. This is one of the most common use cases for AI in HR today. Rather than searching for reference content with keywords, employees are engaged in human-like conversations to find specific answers to their queries more quickly.

• Impact Analysis

The HR department is under constant pressure to justify its value and prove that it has a significant impact on business results. Similar to the way marketing connects ads to buying decisions, AI can be applied to show precisely how HR solutions are impacting targeted business goals. This impact analysis helps in improvement of the areas where it is needed.

The above use cases illustrate how AI can be successfully implemented in HR functions in the hope that it inspires collaboration and spurs innovative development, ultimately contributing to business success.

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