AI and ML Teaming Up for Powerful Results in Improvising Talent Acquisition

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Jamie Troiano, Founder & President

The power team of artificial intelligence and machine learning provides an all-round solution for talent acquisition and retention.   

FREMONT, CA: PredictiveHR and ENGAGE Talent, team up to deliver a complete talent intelligence and analytics platform. The SaaS Company, PredictiveHR contributes people analytics by utilizing machine learning and predicting the trends and financial impacts. Whereas, the ENGAGE Talent, an AI software company, provides the Total Talent Intelligence solution, to improve the talent acquisition, engagement, retention, and predict the company and market performance. The team brings out the power of the organization’s internal talent data, AI-metrics talent data, and external data, delivering analytical reports on one platform.

“Because, any time you are looking into the data, you are trying to tell a story. And everyone is different and has a different story to tell, depending on the business problem that you are trying to solve,” states Jamie Troiano, the founder, and CEO of PredictiveHR. It provides solutions, which covers all the systems of an organization together, such as HR, finance, IT, and other internal systems. The intensive data helps the organization to take strategic decisions for every single engagement.  

A custom dashboard combines the integrated data and optimizes them for the enterprise’s application tracking system, human capital systems, and other essential measures. The innovation solution benefits the business by saving its time and money on talent acquisition, build strategic programs, and take critical initiatives. Jamie adds, “We have all walked a mile in your shoes as we have all come from the HR world ourselves. We have defined things that HR would need and have built the technology to meet them.”

HR TECH Outlook mentions PredictiveHR as one of the Top 10 HR Analytics Tech Companies. It provides the organizations the custom modeling tools, which are essential to measure and predict the business and employees acceptance under critical situations. Believing in the latest solution, Jaime says, “By taking data and using our report, we can pinpoint exactly where we want to start looking when we start diving in and doing the consultative work that is required for audits.” 

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