Advantages of Using Recruitment Chatbots

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, August 16, 2021

Since text messaging is a far more effective technique of engaging job seekers than email or phone conversations, the use of recruitment chatbots is on the rise.

FREMONT, CA: Recruitment chatbots are becoming increasingly crucial in streamlining the candidate screening and approval process. It's a combination of how today's job candidates communicate and the potential of a recruiting chatbot to free up recruiters by completing various time-consuming, fundamental chores—both the candidate and the recruiter benefit from them.

Many businesses have employed recruitment marketing automation for years. However, due to market developments, they are becoming ineffective.

Making a phone call to a potential applicant is even more challenging than communicating with them via email. Many people today refuse to answer calls from unknown numbers.If the call isn't automatically blocked and instead forwarded to voicemail, a lengthy phone tag game may ensue until establishing a connection.

Benefits of Recruitment Chatbots

Recruitment chatbots are conversational interface tools that handle the initial stages of hiring. These chatbots use AI and natural language processing to connect with potential job prospects in real-time.

Chatbots work because text messaging is a far more effective way to engage recruits than email. Job alerts sent via text message have a 95percent open rate and a 21percent click-through rate. Candidates also reply rapidly, usually within minutes or hours rather than days. Most of these characteristics help to speed up the hiring process. Chatbots are helpful to enhance recruitment procedures in a variety of ways.

  • Engagement:

Only a small percentage of visitors to the career site applied. That means that almost a 90percent of prospects visit a career site and then depart without giving any information that allows them contacted in the future.By responding to questions, pre-screening candidates, creating candidate profiles, and allowing candidates to search for jobs and arrange interviews, chatbots can enhance this engagement rate.

  • Screening candidate applications:

Chatbots can establish a dialogue with candidates once they apply on a company's employment site. A chatbot could be helpful to inquire about work experience and past positions and to respond to questions from candidates. After finishing the interaction, chatbots can assess the candidate's suitability for the open post.The recruitment chatbot can use this information, together with resume details, to evaluate if a candidate is a good fit for a position.

  • Scheduling interviews:

Companies are utilizing recruitment chatbots to schedule candidates once confirmed that they are a suitable fit. Meanwhile, to check compatibility, an intelligent chatbot may be using the recruiter's calendar. After that, the chatbot can set up an interview day and time.

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