Addressing the Evolving Challenges of People Analytics

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

Workforce management is a real challenge to enterprises. The HR department confronts with different problems to manage and plan workforce, and this process often demands a huge investment. To get rid of this massive expenditure, companies often move to different solutions to manage workforce and hiring procedure.

Visier plays a vital role in the field of people analytics and planning. Visier People is people analytics and workforce planning solution including answers to different important questions that help to manage a complex workforce. The lack of connection with HR managers gives birth to different problems, and it works as a hindrance to the path of success. The solution from Visier ensures data-driven workforce planning enabling the HR to directly contact with the finance department to inform about the investments and costs. The process of recruitment has an influence on the growth of revenue. Integrating recruiting and workforce data, Visier People: Talent Acquisition offers deep insight into the whole process of recruitment. An agile workplace demand proper analysis of employees' work and contribution. Visier provides ML-based predictive analytics to inform about the promotions and new roles of the employees.

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Visier announced that the company would soon appoint Jesse Sims as the vice president of Strategic Alliances. Sims’ key focus will be on a strategic alliance to ensure the company’s expansion in new markets. Previously, he worked at Vision Critical and helped in the worldwide growth of the company's cloud platform. In SAP, he worked to grow the Business Objects technology partner program. With an experience of more than 18 years in strategic alliances, Sims is expected to successfully build a global power network to help Visier’s customers to leverage people analytics for the betterment of the business. The need for people analytics is on rapid growth, and the companies are in search of the best way-out to recruit and manage their workforce. In this situation, Sims' experience will play a vital role in providing Visier with the chance to deal with problems and to expand their business.

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