A Better Take on Data Driven Recruiting

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, June 07, 2019

Data Driven RecruitmentFREMONT, CA: More than data, traditional recruiting used to rely on luck and intuition and recruiters could only assume that their hiring methods were effective. But now, with a wealth of analytics tools available on the market, recruiters can create a data-driven hiring process.

The data-driven approach to recruiting is the act of using data to optimize the entire hiring process. Ways that data can be used to measure the effectiveness of recruitment include calculating quality-of-hire and the employee turnover rate. Employers can leverage talent data to create a matching algorithm that skims through and identifies candidates, all by reducing time-to-hire, replacing manual processes, and increasing quality-of-hire by bypassing unconscious biases in hiring decisions.

During a job analysis, HR professionals can use talent analytics to determine the needed job competencies. Essential aspects of a job, including initiative, adaptability, or financial understanding, can be determined by evaluating job incumbents and discussing with supervisors in charge of the particular department. The potential to track new hires across the employee lifecycle helps you discover what makes an active job candidate. With a complete picture at fingertips, recruiters can more efficiently and effectively meet the demands of the organization.

Candidate experience is an important aspect to consider which many organizations still struggle to improve. Analytics brings the factors that impact candidate experience and workforce intelligence solution that can help the firm quickly measure the effectiveness. Strategies must be created to decrease the odds of losing strong candidates since the initial stage.

As the hiring process continues to develop and becomes more fine-tuned with a data-driven approach, the ability to select best-fit candidates also improves substantially. With that, recruiters can move quickly, cut through the unnecessary clutter, and establish connections with the candidate, and quickly move forward. Data-driven recruiting is more like a strategic asset, which the organizations can no longer afford to ignore.

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