7 Ways to Leverage Technology to Keep Your Employees Motivated

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Without question, new technology nowadays accomplishes a lot for organizations and their success. However, it is often ignored how technology may be leveraged to motivate our workforce. Aside from gratitude and the obvious monetary methods, it might be challenging to develop new ways to inspire personnel.

Fremont, CA: While there are other fascinating methods, such as providing free meals, paid leaves, unrestricted PTO, and company-hosted events, if you're looking for something unusual, we may have a few ideas for you. Companies all around the globe are attempting to utilize technology to keep their employees motivated.

Here are seven ways to leverage technology to keep your employees motivated:

Offer Flexible Working Options

According to Office Corp, the number of workplaces that enable employees to work from home has climbed by a stunning 103 percent since 2005. This is because businesses are recognizing the numerous benefits of working from home. This figure will continue to rise drastically as corporations continue to do so. This eventually saves money for your firm. But, more significantly, it will result in happier and more rested staff.

Offer Good Learning and Growth Opportunities

When your staff flourishes, your business succeeds. And keep in mind that merely providing them with access to a learning site isn't enough. One must communicate with their staff and devote time to learning what works best for them. Giving them chances to learn and grow can help them become more successful and dedicated to your business in the long run.

Provide More Mobility

What's unexpected is that doing so can result in a 40 percent increase in staff productivity. But, of course, mobile apps and gadgets aren't the only methods to keep your staff connected and informed.

Other methods, such as employee portals and team sites, can be utilized effectively to provide a good, continuous flow of information at all times. For example, the ability to hold online business meetings allows everyone on the team to stay engaged regardless of their physical location. Using solutions like Google Meet and Zoom can also help you expand your consumer base.

Give & Receive Feedback in Real-time

Giving real-time feedback would considerably improve an employee's performance. This would also promote engagement and motivation since you continually lead, mentor, and prod your colleagues on the correct path.

Make use of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) will introduce a whole new level of automation when combined with the power of 5G. Many manual activities, procedures, and processes may now be automated, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your firm. The Internet of Things will influence everything, from layout optimization to operations management and equipment maintenance.

Invest in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication

With the advancement of workplace solutions, we now have new and improved communication capabilities among workers and equipment. As a result, organizations may begin investing in Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication with benefits such as transparency and a consistent supply of big data analytics. In addition, your gadgets may connect with one other and company applications via the internet using M2M.

Enhanced Cooperation and Sharing

Cloud-based file-sharing services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox are gaining popularity among businesses of all kinds. Using cloud-based file-sharing technologies alleviates employees' real frustrations by making it easy to discover and exchange work-related materials.

The technologies also keep track of who is working on particular documents, access them, and encourage coworkers to collaborate. With small firms, these solutions are beneficial since they allow your workers to access files remotely and conduct their job while on the road.

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