7 Advantages of RPO in a Company

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

RPO firms are experts on labor laws and standards where detailed records are kept, mapping every stage of the recruitment process.

Fremont, CA: A company that chooses an RPO provider that understands its culture, values, and hiring goals will greatly benefit not just for the short term but also in the long run.

The main benefits associated with RPO are: Top 10 Employee Wellness Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Scalable Model

RPO providers scale up and down their recruitment activity to match the hiring needs of the client. If a company expands, it will need more staff, while if it downsizes, they need to freeze hiring, and RPO providers have structures in place to adapt to any situation.

Reduced Time to Hire

Internal RPO resource models scale to succeed in the obstacle of tight time to hire deadlines; thus, many RPO providers have time to hire models.

Analytics and Reporting

Every stage of the recruitment process is tracked and traced by the RPO provider allowing for real-time reporting and insights so that decisions can be made quickly. It also helps in future audits of recruitment activity.

Quality of Hires

Referral activation is often a unique feature of RPO. An RPO provider invests their time, energy, and resources into supplying, screening, and presenting the very best of the talent to the client. The total talent stream offers a refined pool to search from.

Recruitment Process and Assessment Design

For the management to follow progress easily and understand how the procedure is developing at any given time, RPO providers may redesign the company’s recruiting process so that it is the same across all departments.

Talent Pooling

RPO providers pool and engage with all the strong candidates, present the client with the best people for the job, and create a community for future hiring.

Cost Reduction

The major advantage of having an RPO is that it is cost-effective, helping companies save money in the long run. Filling up vacancies quickly betters productivity and decreases the amount of HR resources spent on looking for candidates. Eventually, RPO providers are measured on time, cost, and quality of hire.

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