6 Ways Technology is Enhancing Employee Engagement

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Technology is leading the cause and offering numerous ways to enhance employee engagement levels.

FREMONT, CA: Employee engagement is a huge challenge for any organization. A focused employee is much more productive than the one who is waiting for the day to end. However, companies are increasingly finding it difficult to deal with the issue. As per Gallup’s ‘State of the Global Workplace’ study, just 15 percent of employees are engaged at work. It indicates that the lack of employee engagement is a serious concern for companies around the globe. On a positive note, there are numerous ways to enhance employee engagement levels.

Remote Worker Engagement

Work flexibility is gaining popularity. Not only does it provide the employees with more freedom, but it also allows the businesses to save money on office space and equipment. As per an estimate, 50 percent of the UK workforce will be working from a remote location. With the help of modern technology, it is also possible to build strong teams and improve collaboration even when the employees are working remotely. For instance, the introduction of high-definition interactive screens will facilitate face-to-face communication with people anywhere around the world. Irrespective of the employee’s location, it will be possible to communicate with them as if they are in the office.

Boosting Collaboration

Increase in collaboration will increase engagement. Technology can lend a hand here too. For instance, the use of interactive display can offer a central focus to a team where people can network and share their feedback and ideas, thereby encouraging employee communication.

Even simple group chats can boost collaboration, which will allow the employees to take conversations out of email and access them from a central hub.

Revamping the Tech Meetings

Meetings are certainly among the most exciting affairs in an organization. However, it is in the interest of a company to ensure that the employees are getting as much out of a meeting as they should be. They must enjoy being a part of the meetings. However, it’s easier said than done. Interactive technology can pull off the tedious task by boosting employee communication.

High-quality interactive displays can improve presentations, introduce better graphics, and display HD videos- each of which will help to attract the participant’s attention. Modern interactive technology also enables displays to be connected with individual devices such as phones and tablets, allowing for various sorts of interactive possibilities like real-time polls.

Learning on the Go

Employees who are constantly learning are truly engaged employees. They may require training to finish their tasks, but they also wish to invest in their futures. Therefore, the way the knowledge is provided to the employees will also have an impact on how successful it is. Allowing the employees to continue their training using online platforms can foster their learning. Mobile learning can help in the above cause while making the employees more engaged and productive.

Allowing the Use of Personal Devices 

The advantages of allowing the employees to bring their own devices are many. The popularity of the practice is enabling the employees to work in a way that suits them best. Such practices will significantly enhance engagement as the employees will extract more enjoyment from the tasks by performing them in the way they want. Thus, letting an employee use his smartphones and tablets will give him more autonomy and make him more dedicated to his task.

Interactive Technology for Engagement and Stability

Recognition of how the employees perform at the top of their potential is critical to employee engagement efforts. Interactive technologies that are employee-oriented have great potential to help the employees focus on their work. Such technologies can make the employees more invested in their work, thereby resulting in a happier workplace and better productivity.

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