5 Ways to Ease the Adoption of New HR Technology in an Organization

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 20, 2020

Not all employees will feel the same way about adopting an innovative technology. Some will feel relief that their frustrations with the old system will be eased while some will feel un-certain and have concerns about how it is going to impact their jobs

FREMONT, CA: Adopting a new HR technology quickly and enthusiastically by employees is a difficult challenge. Different mindsets have a tremendous impact on how quickly and readily they will accept the latest software. The key to ensuring employees are on-board with the new system is to understand their mindset and putting mechanisms to support and involve employees throughout the decision-making process and implementing phase.

Five ways to ease the adoption of new HR technology in an organization.

Communicate before Implementing the Technology

Plan out critical milestones for the project and consider how to communicate about the project’s progress and when. Anticipating concerns ahead of time will help develop the right messages and keep people positive about the change. Include a range of mediums such as emails, intranet, kitchen bulletin boards, and town-hall-style meetings as not all employees will respond to every type of communication.

Engage Employees in Software Selection Process

Early adopters and innovators of traditional technology will have the most objections; therefore, it is essential to include them in the decision making process and accept their inputs in the software selection process.

Allow early adopters to get involve on a test site and identify potential problems and limitations, and acknowledge their ideas and give reasons if it cannot be implemented.

Implement Various Learning Styles

Top Change Management Consulting Services CompaniesUse learning methods such as one-to-one training, group training, webinars, videos, and manuals as everyone learns differently, and one-off training sessions may not work out well with everyone.

Arrange demonstrations and training just before the ‘go live’ date. This will certainly make the employees want to test and explore with the new system.

Provide Support for Employees

Involve employees in creating a cheat-sheet for new staff which is based on their experiences with the technology and establish an internal user forum where they can share tips and troubleshoot issues together.

Celebrate even the Small Achievements

Celebrate successes at each stage, whether it is selecting a new program, going live, and the first sales/hires/transaction successfully processed using the new system. This will reinforce the benefits of the new system and reassure employees that the transition was worthwhile.

Acknowledge the objections of employees who refuse to accept the new system and voice their disapproval. Attempt to understand where the concerns are coming from as it could be a lack of confidence with the technology or inherent resistance to change and help them in any little way possible.

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