5 Tips on Overcoming Communication Issues in the Workplace

Hanna Wilson, HR Tech Outlook | Sunday, May 22, 2022

Effective communication builds a foundation for success from the company to employee happiness.

FREMONT, CA: Having communication problems in the workplace will adversely affect working relationships with employees and management, productivity, and morale. If these issues are not solved, it could lead to profit loss, higher turnover, mistakes, and negative public image.

Here are five ways to tackle communication problems in the workplace:

Use the Right Communication Tools

Necessary communication tools like group chat, employee directory, suggestion box, surveys, and social messages are the first step to overcoming communication problems in the workplace.

Top 10 Employee Communication Solution Companies - 2019Having the right software to support all channels is essential for healthy communications. For example, email and Skype work best if employees sit behind a desk all day, whereas apps like Connectteam will instantly engage deskless and mobile employees.

Keeping Consistency

Regular check-ins are the best way to maintain workplace communication as it becomes easier for employees to stay on track with projects and tasks and share feedback on their work as they go along.

This delivery method for communicating with all employees is effective for conveying the meaning of the message.

Avoid Mixing Work and Personal Communication

Mixing personal lives into workplace communications diminish the professionalism in the office. These personal communications sometimes lead to gossip in the workplace, reducing morale or even complaint of harassment.


Communication and listening is a two-way street. Listening skills are crucial for effective communication and understanding of what is being shared. Make sure that all the employees can share their opinions and concerns with the management.


After the information is shared or a meeting discussion, be sure to check if everyone is on the same page. It is essential to prevent employee confusion and ensure that they understand what they need to do from start to finish.

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