5 Tips for Implementing Collaboration Technology, Driving Workforce Productivity

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, August 19, 2019

Enterprises need to embrace collaboration technology that addresses the demands of a modern workforce and helps them become more productive.  

FREMONT, CA: Organizations need their critical workforces to perform smarter and faster. Achieving this goal requires embedding collaborative technologies deep into processes and ultimately transforming the workflow to turn knowledge into action. Since shifting from an individualistic to a collaborative mindset, a new story is sprouting, where collective action plays a role in survival and success. There is no denying that collaboration has reshaped the way people do things in the workplace. Collaboration tools will help business work better and smarter than ever before. But to use them to the full advantage, it has to be introduced and deployed effectively. Below are some tips for successfully implementing collaboration tools.

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· Defining the Purpose

The most crucial thing enterprises can do when deploying collaboration tools is to have a purpose. Most collaboration technologies are developed to engage departments or teams through sharing. This is really to be expected when informal communication is becoming the new norm. Sharing is essential, but it requires a purpose. The greatest success is seen when customers take a brand’s core communication tools and wrap them around project management, task management, idea management, or any other more significant objective. The essential thing here is to have an aim in mind and harness the communication paradigms to assist with activities.

· Get Management Involved

With any initiative, it is critical to get the management behind. When company management is appropriately informed about the benefits of effective collaboration tools, they will be much more open to exploring and embracing that option. Going it alone or not getting management support is almost always a call for disaster. It is always essential to prepare and encourage management to be on the workers’ side.

· Building the Information Technology Team

Like working with management, involving information technology team can help avoid more significant challenges down the road in implementing collaboration tools. Information technology team by nature is typically entrusted with information security and company information sharing. As a side note to the information technology team should create a mutual partnership to understand the current problems and available options.

· Trying Before Buying

Whatever solution an enterprise decides to deploy, it is essential to experience a fully functional free trial. Avoid getting involved in a test that has features disabled, or limits administrative capabilities. A trial should offer everything that a company is considering with the initial release. One must ensure the right amount of time to decide before a company gets ready to start deploying collaboration tools.

· Starting small

Enterprises should realize that technology is outpacing the end user’s ability to consume. Solutions are becoming loaded with features, apps, meaning that they are too much and often go unused. As a company considers deploying collaboration tools, make sure it can consume capabilities in realistic ways. Be aware of all of the essential skills available and bring them into the needs warrant. Remember the find the purpose first and then expand from there.

Executives are right to demand more from the new wave of collaborative technologies. As a new way to work and an efficient workflow offer unique potential to improve organizational efficiencies and productivity, spark idea generation, and assist decision making. Technology to boost production and increase the speed of output will act as a pilot for success, but the most significant change will come with the empowerment of people within an organization to work freely, without any constraints. For those enterprises embracing the tools for true collaboration, increased productivity is an assurance. Progressive companies are realizing the value of collaboration and are looking for ways to better application.

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