5 Emerging HR Tech Trends In 2020

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, January 31, 2020

HR tech comprises of different software applications that help HR processes within the organization. The HR tech aims to facilitate HR practices, cut costs, promote employee engagement, and improve outcomes

FREMONT, CA: Making HR tech a priority is important for companies as it is involved in almost all parts of the business. By deploying the right HR technology, the team can work with fewer resources and less time. And in turn, it can improve productivity, cut costs, promote employee engagement, and improve outcomes. To identify the right HR technology for the business, it is essential to understand the emerging trends and how it will potentially enhance the performance of the company.

Here are five emerging HR tech trends improving the HR practices within the organizations

Employee recognition

Advanced employee recognition platform allows for both manager-to-employee and peer-to-peer recognition. It helps track employee recognition activity, giving real-time insights on user activity and overall program performance. As HR tech continues to advance, it will make managing employee recognition and rewards, more efficient.

AI and Machine Learning

With the help of AI and Machine Learning(ML), employers can analyze employee data and use it to make real and meaningful changes in the workplace. It even provides push prompts to company leaders, managers, supervisors, and even employees.

Cloud Migration

There is a demand to collect, store, and track massive amounts of data as cloud security has improved, which helps avoid the need to store these data in-house, thanks to cloud migration.

Dedicated HR Tech Roles

Many companies have created a dedicated Human Resource Information Technology (HRIT) role within the company. Staffs with a sound IT background has become an essential part of the HR team, which helps ensure that the company is investing in the right kind of HR technology.

Active Listening

HR active listening tools such as chatbots, pulse surveys, and check-ins help employers obtain real-time, consistent employee feedback with which they can provide next step prompts and solutions. It also improves engagement in the workplace by allowing employees to provide feedback quickly and effectively.

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