3 Ways Technology Ease HR Functions

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, January 03, 2020

Organizations are adopting various technologies to carry out their operations efficiently and the HR department is no exception to it. Here are few advantages of technology to the HR department

Fremont, CA: Technology has changed the way people live. Starting from receiving international news in the mobile phones on a single click in the morning to sending 'goodbyes' to a friend sitting at the other corner of the world, technology has eased things way better than they were a decade ago. Organizations are adopting various techniques to carry out their operations effectually, and the HR department is no exception to that trend.

Technological advancements in the field of HR has changed the way HR managers contact their employees, store corporate files, and assess employee performance as well. Technology makes the HR department more systematic, organized, and efficient. However, using it in the wrong way can have an adverse effect on the structure of the organization. Here are a few advantages of technology to the HR department.

Makes Recruitment Easier

There is no doubt that the traditional recruitment process is so tiring, time-consuming, and costly as well. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has eased the process and made it less extensive. Automated screeners can detect skills on a candidate's name from thousand of emails and resumes and select the best-suited one. This eases the early stages of recruiting and needs human decision-making abilities only in the last stage of recruitment.

Bridges the Communication Gap

Technology has made it easier for HR managers to establish communication with a huge number of employees in a matter of seconds. Today, there are various mediums available to facilitate communication within organizations. Applications such as Skype, Basecamp, and Slack proffer online platforms that help exchange information and even files too. These messaging platforms have made it easier for the HR staff to be in touch with the rest of the team.

Addresses Security Concerns Effectually

With the introduction of cutting edge technology, security apprehensions started devoring HR departments. Technology, by default, requires a company to have its data online, which in turn exposes the company to potential threats and risks. However, solution to these rising concerns lies there in the problem itself. Protecting each file with password helps the organizations to keep the malicious users at bay. Anti-malware and firewalls can also do the same.

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