3 Ways in Which CIOs Can Aid Change Management

Hanna Wilson, HR tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 18, 2019

CIOs can aid the digitalization of the HR department by being a key IT consultant in its transformation.

FREMONT, CA: Technology and digitalization are fast permeating the corporate landscape. However, the HR sector has been rather slow in taking advantage of its capabilities. It is high time HR embraced digitalization and reinvented itself, moving beyond the traditional obsolete processes. CIOs can assist the department in adopting the latest technologies, thus contributing to the overall growth of the organizations.

The potential impact of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is significant. When adopting these technologies, CIOs need to motivate HR personnel to be proactive, as passive employees are likely to be replaced by automation technology. The collaboration between CIO and HR is crucial for organizations to survive in the digital age.

CIOs need to accept the fact that technological disruption is necessary for their organizations to stay relevant in the marketplace and attain long-term sustainability. Hence, it is essential to form robust strategies to overcome the challenges in the HR landscape, including the pace of technological change, shifting workforce demographics, evolving social norms, and sophisticated economic interdependencies.

Digital transformation is vital for organizations to thrive in the modern corporate landscape. The incorporation of robust technologies will augment the role of the HR department, making it more influential and impactful for the organizations.

CIOs can pave the way for this change in three ways, helping HR implement the right technology, which can successfully bolster their programs and tactics.

Promoting Automation of Tasks

The automation of HR processes can significantly streamline mundane processes such as payroll, benefits, compliance, policies, recruitment, performance management, and employee development. By delegating the repetitive tasks and assignments to sophisticated machines, HR departments can create more time for high priority tasks, thus boosting the vital corporate functions. CIOs can assist the department in forming well-defined strategies designed to consolidate the business, technology, and people, thus positively impacting organizational growth.

Establishing Collaboration between Departments

The automation of administrative and transactional tasks will enable the HR department to free up a significant amount of time, and this time can be used for designing robust business models, forming versatile strategies, and focusing on employee engagement programs. However, this will require effective collaboration between departments. CIOs can lend aid to HR in incorporating digital channels to facilitate seamless and quick communication between various departments, thus enhancing collaboration between the functional groups of the organizations.

Creating a Central Repository of Information

The role of CIOs in implementing a central storage for data is crucial, and it requires close collaboration with the HR department. It has access to vast troves of data, including employee, financial, and operational information. As this data becomes digital, it is vital for organizations to establish a centralized storage from where it can be easily accessed. Big data technologies can be leverage to assimilate and aggregate the diverse data. Robust data analytics platform will help the HR departments in extracting important insights which can inform the decision-making process. It will pave the way for enhanced performance and productivity, leading to the overall growth of the company.

The role of CIOs in assisting the transformation of HR is crucial, as it will help the HR departments in becoming reliable business consultants for the organization. However, the different factors of the digitalization should lead to a common transformational goal. The incorporation of emerging technology will help HR in overcoming the transactional challenges involved in the business and taking control of the vast troves of data. By prioritizing the collaboration with the HR sector, CIOs can become the catalysts of positive change in the organization.

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