3 Technologies Boosting Workplace Productivity

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 02, 2019

As employees expect a multi-faced approach to substantial benefits, HR teams should leverage new HR technologies to deliver enriching experiences in the workplace.  

FREMONT, CA: Most enterprise analysts and HR practitioners believe that the significant benefits and compensation paradigm has testified a tricky shift. Employees now are looking for a more diversified empirical blueprint surpassing traditional salary packages, benefits and perks. Employees fancy a positive workplace that concentrates on work-life stability and also the wellness of workers. HR must offer a holistic and significant employee experience powered by effortless solutions and modern HR technologies. There are few HR technologies which carry a transformative potential as we ring in the new year.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI will proceed to make invasions in everyday HR operations as it is obtaining rapid popularity beyond industries and verticals. The advanced technology can recognize trends and improve decision making by utilizing vast amounts of incoming data and Machine Learning (ML). These tools can also automate iterative tasks with prominent accuracy and capableness.

• Virtual Reality (VR) to Thwart Sexual Harassment

Training to protect against sexual harassment is a person-to-person module or Computer Based Traning (CBT) including textual matter, slideshows, and videos. It is necessary to realize that certain training methods may not perpetually have the coveted impact, and this is where VR can make an extensive impact. This profoundly immersive platform serves to create real-time simulations, enhancing a learner’s ability to assimilate blocking techniques. This new HR technology will also surpass the traditional legacy standard of sexual harassment training.

• Augmented Analytics Becoming Relevant

Augmented analytics is an arising technological tool which is equipped to offer HR teams the knowledge to analyze people data in a user-friendly way. Augmented analytics is the following wave of severance in the data analytics area, automating insights by utilizing natural language generation and machine learning. An augmented analytics framework automatically filters through a company’s data reservoirs.

Over the years, the HR role has developed from performing utilitarian and managerial operations to those of a business or a strategic associate. Technology streamlines processes in the worker lifecycle from onboarding, employing, and training to compensation, profits, maintenance, and exit.

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