3 Promising Technologies for HR in 2020

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, March 02, 2020

Each organization has distinct needs that, once clearly identified, should point to the technology that will best address those needs

FREMONT, CA: To decide what technology will work best to help organizations meet their goals, HR needs to look at three key areas: Employee experience, workforce analytics, and predictive analytics, and how HR leaders can begin to evaluate technologies and services in the market.

Here are the three most useful and promising technologies that HR can use to make smarter decisions faster.

People Analytics:

People analytics is the measuring and analyzing of data performance, compensation, demographics, career history, benefits, employee behaviors, time utilization, and attrition. And can help identify workforce pattern and talent risks, forecast productivity, address recruitment and retention challenges, capture ROI from HR initiatives, and uncover leadership opportunities that could otherwise be missed.

People analytics is also bringing the narrow silos of talent, benefits, wellness, or population health, together to intersect and impact the employee experience and benefit the individual.

Predictive Analytics:

Top HRMS Solution CompaniesWorkforce data gives HR and business leaders the power to make evidence-based decisions to address and improve turnover trends, retain high performers, forecast talent needs, and even anticipate legal risks with poor performers. Frequently guiding the organization through predictive analytics in selecting and developing its talent, rewards, and HR programs will improve the results for both the company and the individual.

Hub Technologies:

Organizations want the best talents to deliver on their mission, and when done right, that mission is linked directly to its unique employee value proposition (EVP). Organizations must differentiate their strategy based on their unique brand and a sense of purpose while developing an EVP.

Human-centric design is the process of building out the full user experien.

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