3 HR Tech Trends That Will Reshape the HR landscape

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 11, 2019

HR landscape is continually evolving and the trends in HR Tech are transforming the sector and pushing the organizations toward digital transformation.

Fremont, CA: Human Resource is designed for the people; however, technology still plays a significant role in the HR landscape. Robots are used in recruitment and are becoming crucial in the process of attracting and retaining talents. Despite the disruption automation and AI has caused, these technologies have little role to play in HR daily. Like any other industry, HR is prone to trends, as well. Thus, here are three HR Tech trends that will reshape the HR landscape.

1. Decentralized Teams

Working remotely has revolutionized the HR sector in recent years. According to a study by the International Working Group (IWG), working remotely is becoming a norm across countries and industries. The decentralized way of working is the most sought-after employee perks, but it has its challenges. Organizations have to connect with different employees in different time-zones and ensure that there are no information silos. Organizations must also ensure that employees spread all over the geography receive equal learning and development opportunities. One of the benefits organizations receive is the previously inaccessible pools of talent while cutting recruitment costs at the same time. Technology has several solutions to bring distributed teams together. 

2. Cloud-based HR

With remote teams, remote HR departments are also one of the HR tech trends. In such scenarios, HR platforms in the cloud come to play. A social media management software development company has deployed multiple all-in-one HR platforms to integrate several core aspects of HR management, such as payroll, benefits, time management, onboarding, and collaborative software. Cloud-based HR software is becoming the norm as they are more scalable, and it enables HR professionals to work with real-time data. 

3. Augmented Analytics 

Today, the significance of data is unquestionable, especially as teams grow. Tech and tools range from simple surveys to full-fledged analytics platforms. People analytics and employee engagement platform, Peakon is the world’s leading platform that helps managers crunch the data to understand what drives and engages employees. One of the major HR tech trends is augmented analytics, which automates insights using machine learning and natural language generation. Augmented analytics is a user-friendly way to analyze data and generate more in-depth insights. Augmented analytics combines AI capabilities to analyze large sets of data and then use natural language processing to deliver easy-to-digest insights.

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