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Patrick Tiessen, CEO, Netive VMSPatrick Tiessen, CEO “Skill-based hiring is the next step in talent acquisition,” begins Patrick Tiessen, CEO of Nétive. To achieve that, from a technology perspective, one needs to combine two technological principles. The first is CV parsing, which will provide a skill-based data model and a strong business (or even artificial) intelligence suite that will analyse complex skill-based data models and formulate recruitment strategies based on those insights. Years ago, Holland-based Nétive had already integrated CV parsing technology (Textkernel) into its system. Furthermore, the company’s vendor management system (VMS) is built on Salesforce, allowing its integrated BI/AI tooling, formerly known as Einstein, and currently as Tableau, to be leveraged. “We are therefore skill-based-hiring ready,” states Tiessen.

Nétive’s solutions provide end-to-end support for contingent workforce management, from requisition to invoice. It has four major integrated add-ons: Freelance Management, Statement of Work, Applicant Tracking, and Business Intelligence/ Artificial Intelligence. Whether MSPs or internally managed programmes, the clients need to be highly adaptive to economic, legislative or organisational changes. These changes require the people that run a CW programme to adapt to their new reality quickly. Nétive VMS helps them by ensuring that the enduser can change the configuration of its application. The modular set-up of the VMS guarantees to have the best fitting functionality available whenever a client’s requirements vary. The company’s support, consultancy, and development teams maintain close relationships with its clients’ system administrators so that in case of a significant change requiring immediate assistance, Nétive is there to help clients without any delay.

Nétive differentiates itself through its level of service and client engagement on all levels of the organisation. The firm’s accounts team stays in continuous contact with the tactical and strategic leaders of the MSPs to facilitate their business growth. “We value the relationships that we have with our counterparts in the MSP world tremendously and by working together, we can grow together,” asserts Tiessen.

Nétive VMS

Nétive VMS has built-in international capabilities such as multilingual master data and multiple currencies with automatic rate conversion support. With its easy to configure but very comprehensive compliance management system, the VMS also enables clients to support multi-country programmes and mid-market solutions. Nétive VMS combines a multitude of talent sourcing capabilities. The solution ranges from traditional tiered sourcing and vending out shifts to sourcing using freelancer pools. The Freelancer Management component helps an organisation enhance its access to freelancers, independent contractors, and project-based suppliers in a centralised and efficient way. Using this tool, clients can have job requisitions automatically distributed to suppliers who have subscribed to their marketplace or find them by searching their database. This solution provides clients with a transparent, non-discriminatory process, giving all subscribers an equal opportunity to bid for the work.

Nétive VMS also provides direct sourcing capabilities, vacancy multi-posting using Broadbean and leveraging existing permanent staff based on skill-based hiring.
  • We are the world record holder of VMS implementation in just seven minutes

The VMS captures all financially relevant data of a contingent workforce management programme. Therefore, it can transparently visualise the actual achieved cost savings and which cost savings strategies performed best. This helps clients to underpin the business case of their programme continuously.

As an add-on to the VMS technology and the standard reports and dashboards, Nétive VMS is also equipped with the Advance Workforce Analytics module. If a client wants to take a step ahead from data-supported decision making to data-driven decision-making, this places higher demands on the available data tools, and it requires not just reports but also Business Intelligence or even Artificial Intelligence. This is why Nétive VMS provides the Advanced Workforce Analytics module, which utilises Salesforce’s Tableau technology and enables clients to perform analyses on the end-to-end hiring process. By analysing the programmes goals (like cost savings)the system automatically suggests concrete changes for those programmes.

There has been an increased demand for the use of Statement of Work to acquire talent when needed and remove the bottom-line cost when the skills are no longer required. When executed correctly, it is a specialised hiring mechanism that will allow organisations to approach their hiring programmes with greater agility, remaining flexible to the needs of their business and customers. Nétive SOW allows its customers and partners to manage the everdemanding changes of their labour markets by providing a compliance and cost control mechanism for Statement of Work projects and resources.
Since MSPs struggle with earning a significant margin on the volumes in the mid-market, Nétive VMS assists its MSP partners in setting up centralised services for multiple clients and managing those programmes within a single application. “We call it multi-tenancy,” adds Tiessen. This aids the MSP internally, and their PMOs can efficiently work on different clients simultaneously, and it also applies to their suppliers. They can do business at ease with multiple clients of the MSP from the same VMS environment. It also seamlessly integrates with clients’ existing ERP, HRIS, or financial systems. Due to its incredible agile configuration capabilities, changing an approval workflow can be done within minutes. Additionally, it saves a tremendous amount of implementation costs for every additional programme within that environment.

A Complete Turnaround for a Client

For instance, IQ Talent Solutions engaged Nétive to determine where additional value could be provided across their MSP and workforce management portfolio. It was deemed that the previous IT solution was becoming increasingly unable to meet their customer base’s ever-changing objectives and needs. Nétive successfully configured, implemented, and deployed its VMS solution and its multi-tenant architecture allowed the client to service multiple workforce management programmes and customers within the single solution. Through multi-tenancy, IQ Talent Solutions were able to create organisation specific workflows to meet the particular requirements of their customer, where customisation or standardisation could be made per customer.

We value the relationships that we have with our counterparts in the MSP world tremendously and by working together, we can grow together

The intention was to implement the Nétive VMS solution in phases, initially to four customers of IQ Talent Solutions. This was a significant benefit to IQ Talent Solutions in launching seamlessly and quickly to multiple customers in an efficient and scalable way. The project approach from Nétive can be defined as part of its ‘standard methodology’, a flexible implementation framework divided into six core phases, from initiation to evaluation. As a result, Nétive was able to accommodate a parallel implementation for the initial four customers simultaneously. The timeline for the entire implementation project was 12 weeks and aligned to the immediate launching of those four end customers.

Nétive combining VMS, ATS, and SOW functionality allowed the client to increase the scope of their service and enable a high-quality total talent management programme, retaining operational efficiencies through a centralised technology. Now being utilised across multiple accounts, Nétive VMS acts as a centralised solution supporting the full spectrum of IQ Talent Solutions’ engagements across their workforce management programmes. It allows for a centralised financial function to underpin timesheets, invoicing and reporting. Having a centralised tooling strategy has also allowed for organisation-wide familiarity and understanding of the solution. This has ensured that Nétive and IQ Talent Solutions can benefit from operational efficiencies, but their customers have benefited from zero operational downtime and streamlined delivery.

workers to determine the correct IR35 status of every worker. Nétive facilitates it with its Statement of Work module, and the company will offer this SoW compliance product this summer. From a product perspective, the firm aims to level up the self-sufficiency that its clients already have by providing them with the means to design and implement a workflow visually.

Recently, Everest Group listed Nétive as a major contender in its PEAK Matrix evaluation of VMS technology vendors. Moreover, on the first anniversary of Nétive’s UK division, the firm organised a world record attempt of VMS implementation to emphasise the speed and agility it delivers and how it performs. “We are the (self-proclaimed) world record holder of VMS implementation in just seven minutes,” adds Tiessen. Nétive started with just two customers and currently has over 230 customers. The firm is already the market-leading VMS within the Netherlands. With over twenty years of experience within the VMS market, Nétive currently serves its customers in ten countries. Nétive is also exploring opportunities to expand into newer territories within Europe, and the company has already shown promising results after investing in the UK. “We provide MSPs the key to profitable mid-market programmes through our solution’s multi-tenancy,” concludes Tiessen.
- By Hanna Wilson
    August 10, 2021
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Netive VMS

Netive VMS

London, UK and Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Patrick Tiessen, CEO

Nétive is a market-leading VMS that provides an independent contingent labour management solution for recruiting, hiring, and administering labour. Nétive’s solutions provide end-to-end support for contingent workforce management, from requisition to invoice. It has four major integrated add-ons: Freelance Management, Statement of Work, Applicant Tracking, and Business Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence. With over twenty years of experience within the VMS market, Nétive currently serves its customers in ten countries. The company works for large national and international organizations in various industries and is located in Rijswijk (ZH)