Navigate Communications: Simplifying Access to Employer-Provided Benefits Drives Engagement

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Steven Clark, Founder & CEO, Navigate CommunicationsSteven Clark, Founder & CEO
Steven Clark is a champion of employee engagement, though he approaches the problem from an unexpected angle: simplifying access to employer benefits. Clark founded the design and technology firm Navigate Communications in 2011. The firm specializes in the design, delivery and management of employee communications, as well as salesforce management tools including interactive sales presentations. Navigate’s deep expertise related to employee communications led to an innovative new solution to the employee engagement problem. In this ultracompetitive employment market, strategies to increase employee satisfaction and retention are at a premium, and at top of mind for HR teams and business leaders. Helping people better access and appreciate their employer-provided benefits can have beneficial impacts on these issues. The challenge is that benefit information is often complex and confusing, more resembling legal documents than something the average person can understand. Compounding the problem is the fact that benefit information is often located behind company firewalls, preventing mobile access—the preferred medium of today’s fast-paced world.

Recognizing an opportunity to help companies attract and retain top talent, Clark’s company created an innovative digital solution—Navigator Mobile. Navigator Mobile is an easy-to-use tool that aggregates and simplifies benefit information, making it easy for employees to not only understand their benefits, but also use them.

By simplifying employee benefit information and access, we’re helping employers better attract and retain the workforce they need to be successful

Navigator Mobile provides employees with all of their benefit information and resources in one place with a straightforward interface that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. The user-friendly design and clear, engaging graphics simplify even the most complex benefit content. And for those who prefer a little larger screen, the tool is also available on tablets and desktop computers.

“With Navigator Mobile, we’re helping better connect employees with the full suite of benefits offered through their employer, which can be directly correlated to key employment metrics like job satisfaction and retention,” Clark said. “Navigator Mobile not only provides information on major benefit plans like medical and income protection, but also content for all the additional plans and programs employers offer such as wellness programs, employee discounts and more. Navigator Mobile makes it easy to access, use and appreciate these important benefits.” Best of all, Navigator Mobile is customizable. Once the information is consolidated—the digital solution is fully branded using the employer’s colors, fonts, terminology and imagery, making the application look and feel as if it was produced by the company itself.

Recent clients include trucking and distribution firms that, with a traditionally decentralized employee base, often face communication challenges related to benefits. Navigator Mobile provides an efficient, effective mobile solution that allows HR teams to focus on more complex work while still helping employees access the information they need instantly. Navigate Communications recently entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with The Standard—a leading provider of financial products and services headquartered in Portland, OR —to make Navigator Mobile available exclusively to employers doing business with The Standard.
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Steven Clark, Founder & CEO

Navigate is a design and technology company specializing in corporate relations software, distribution, and marketing, digital sales meetings, as well as conventional design and development services. The V2.2 feature series of the Navigator Benefits Guide is a comprehensive set of interactive tools designed to help employees navigate the task of communicating information about the benefits plan. V2.2 services can and easily involve, train, and inspire their staff from hiring to retirement. The development ethos of Navigate revolves on four core principles that contribute to each plan they pursue