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Andrew Shulman, CEO, Mobile HealthAndrew Shulman, CEO Employee screening and OSHA compliance exams have been packaged and delivered the same way for decades _ Mobile Health shakes things up by doing business as what they call a ‘38- year startup.’ The company’s services are never boxed or limited, rather they give employees ultimate accessibility with their trademark lineup of screening delivery. Employers can send their candidates to Mobile Health’s 6,500+ nationwide clinics, the on-site team can come to your organization, or the mobile health fleet can deploy to any location in the U.S. that works best for you. All Mobile Health services are powered by their award-winning solution, the Mobile Health client portal, empowering employers with real-time results, 30-second scheduling, and end-to-end data encryption of their candidate data. By replacing slow and risky paper records and emails with an effective HIPAA and HITECH-compliant screening portal, Mobile Health is helping everybody meet their health screening goals more efficiently than ever.

“Our goal is to meet the health screening needs of our clients, their candidates or employees, wherever they need us,” says Andrew Shulman, Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Health. As a full health screening service provider, Mobile Health offers their clients the freedom to approach whatever screening they require, from wherever they may be.

Mobile Health’s mission is to provide peace of mind all in one place. Employers shouldn’t have to maintain a long list of providers to hire the right candidate and protect their people. Mobile Health’s comprehensive services deliver on that mission. The company’s specialized screening facilities offer X-Ray services, physical exams, and conduct tests for COVID, vision and hearing, drug and alcohol, and even TB. They also provide services to administer vaccines and titers and carry out custom respirator fitting at all their locations. When a group of candidates and employees need testing at once, Mobile Health takes care of the heavy lifting by bringing the clinic to the client. Their team can come on-site, provide a physical and drug testing for a large group, and then set the client up with a program to test individuals at their 6,500+ clinics as needed.

Employer-First Solutions

Mobile Health’s journey began by providing screenings for healthcare workers at home care agencies. The company has worked with—and screened—thousands of employees, at hundreds of facilities, gaining an in-depth understanding of the health screening market in the process. Mobile Health has since expanded its role beyond healthcare by becoming the industry’s leading pre-employment screening and OSHA compliance experts, partnering with healthcare, education, construction, manufacturing, government agencies, and many Fortune 500 companies.
“HR personnel spend more time chasing down the employment-related screenings results instead of doing the things they love like offering their favorite candidate the job, creating amazing employee benefits, and enabling their people to grow. Mobile Health’s services enable the HR or Compliance Manager the ability to do exactly that. We’re part of the thing they love the most,” Shulman adds.

And while a part of the HR personnel’s duty is to ensure employee health, safety, and compliance, it is at best an administrative chore, not a core responsibility. After COVID, the burden was increased due to the increased priority on workplace safety. Employee health and safety was no longer just a compliance requirement but an important decider in conducting the necessary pre-employment screening. Mobile Health can unburden HR teams and help them focus on their core responsibilities.

Mobile Health’s self-service employee screening portal and dedicated team of account managers allow HR units to schedule screening services, provide visibility into the outcomes, check for no-shows, and note any pending procedures. From a candidate checking into their appointment to employees due for annual vaccinations, the Mobile Health portal provides a birds-eye-view down to the last detail.

Results Sent Directly to Your HRIS/ATS

After a screening is complete, results are delivered in real-time to the employer for review. The portal will automatically push results from their services right into the client’s applicant tracking systems or HRIS tools, making life easier for employees and employers. Needless to say, Mobile Health delivers a complete, end-to-end screening solution that removes obstacles and creates an open door for growth.
  • Our Goal Is To Meet The Needs Of Our Clients, Their Candidates, Or Employees, Wherever They Need Us

10,000 Tests Overnight? Consider it Handled.

Mobile Health strives to make screening and compliance tailored to the client rather than one-size-fits-all. For companies operating in hazardous environments—medical, manufacturing, and industrial sectors—there is a need to ensure employees have a well-fitted respirator per OSHA requirements. Mobile Health has met this need by deploying on-site teams to locations all over the country, conducting instant respirator fit tests, to ensure companies meet rigorous OSHA requirements.

Mobile Health was called upon by the NYC Health + Hospitals corporation to fit 10,000 staff members as quickly as possible. Within 48 hours of being contacted, Mobile Health was on-site at Bellevue Hospital and Kings County Hospital, fitting teams en masse with 10 fully-operational on-site clinics.
“We can come to you and fit test thousands of people in a day. You can send one or two over to our clinics, or we can even send our fit testing kit and empower you to do it yourself,” states Shulman.

Always Agile, Continuously Advancing

The two core tenets that drive Mobile Health’s mobility are their tech and their people. The company has a strong focus on their innovative chops and has invested substantial resources into developing new technology, the most recent of which is its upcoming patient-facing portal. Historically, health screening clients have only been able to schedule services through a portal that their employer could access. Mobile Health has removed one of the administrative burdens from its clients and absolved the need to coordinate schedules with candidates. The company is thus empowering the employer to simplify the process by only having to provide a link and a code to their candidate so that they may schedule tests themselves. As for the people that enable this tech, everyone at Mobile Health is highly vested in their clients’ success and the quality of the services they provide. “I always tell our clients that over the course of our relationship, we will discuss potential challenges, but I guarantee you that whatever the challenge, the entire organization will do whatever it takes to solve it,” states Dave Schramm, Chief Marketing Officer of Mobile Health. “We take pride in the do-whatever-it-takes mentality every member of the team has to make sure we serve our customer.”

Occupational Health Requires Occupational Tech

Mobile Health has charted a three-year tech roadmap that is adjusted based on the changing needs of the pre-employment screening and healthcare environment. “Technology is the key to delighting our customers and their employees or pre-employment candidates,” says Shulman. “We will continually innovate and place more focus and attention on our technology than anyone else. We’re combining occupational health with modern design and technology for one goal: to surprise and delight our customers with the best experience possible.”

“If you need occupational health, then you need our occupational technology,” says Schramm. “It doesn’t get any easier than that. We’re here to meet a clinical need that is fueled by our amazing technology.”

Mobile Health provides a single source-solution for their clients to access their services, regardless of their location. Whether it’s through clinics, mobile units, on-site services, or their award-winning technology, Mobile Health ensures that their clients can get their results with ease and have the peace of mind they need to make better business decisions.
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Mobile Health

Mobile Health

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