Leadership Resources: Successful Companies are Created by Strong Leaders

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Boyd Ober, President & CEO, Leadership ResourcesBoyd Ober, President & CEO
Look at any successful company and you’ll find a team of strong leaders routinely making smart decisions that move the organization forward. Boyd Ober, President & CEO of Leadership Resources, explains how companies achieve positive results, “The path to success is driven by consistently adapting habits to desired results, enhanced by the ability to see your progress, and supported by authentic accountability.” Ober emphasizes that strong leaders aren’t born. Leadership is a skill that needs to be coached and developed. When you empower employees to learn leadership skills and adapt their habits and behaviors to their development, organizational success is inevitable. “Success isn’t a secret formula,” Ober says, “it’s generated by leaders that are equipped to manage the demands that today’s working environment.”

Ober’s Nebraska-based company, Leadership Resources, enables its clients to learn and develop leadership skills through individualized one-on-one coaching and group cohort experiences that utilize proven curriculum for effective decision making, managing difficult conversations, developing emotional intelligence, and much more. Leadership Resources offers leadership development programs to strengthen the skills of an organization’s emerging and existing leaders. They focus on leading oneself, leading others, and building strong relationships within teams. “By providing specialized coaching on leadership development, we can enhance what our clients are already doing and help their leaders achieve higher levels of success,” mentions Ober.

An Integrated Approach

Leadership Resources partners with their clients to understand their purpose and tailors an integrated approach anchored in strategy, development, and accountability to achieve their vision. This methodology for building organizational strategy, developing individual employees, and instilling a culture of accountability is unique in the marketplace. Their team of leadership development specialists helps clients make the impossible possible within their organizations.

To help clients with strategic planning, Leadership Resources offers the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®), which teaches a process for day-to-day troubleshooting and decision-making. EOS® is designed for entrepreneurs and small to midsize companies looking to implement a clear organizational vision, focus, and unity required for rapidly growing businesses. The Leadership Resources’ team of Certified EOS Implementers™ is rare. Their certification in this area is distinct and means clients receive the highest quality of service that EOS® provides. The operating system has not only proved significant for Leadership Resources’ clients but has also benefitted the company in expanding its business over the last three years. In addition to EOS®, Leadership Resources provides custom strategic planning services, steering key players in an organization toward common goals.

When it comes to leadership development, the company recommends their Accelerate Leadership Program.

By providing specialized coaching on leadership development, we can enhance what our clients are already doing and help their leaders achieve higher levels of success

This can be offered face-to-face or virtually and focuses on a unique combination for developing leadership presence, optimizing personal productivity, and improving emotional intelligence. “These attributes empower people to build relationships in all areas of their life—whether at home, community, or work,” says Ober.

Lastly, Leadership Resources’ approach to creating cultures of accountability help clients measure their return on investment (ROI) of strategic planning and leadership development. Organizations that practice day-to-day accountability show an increase in productivity, which ultimately generates greater success.

To strengthen their integrated approach, clients have access to Leadership Resources proprietary software, Accelerate. This technology serves to help leaders understand their goals more clearly by creating SMART goals that identify the right habits of thoughts and behaviors to achieve their desired results. In addition, leaders can track their progress using Accelerate and this enables Leadership Resources to analyze and report on ROI.

A Guide to Leadership Development

“We look at how to marry our clients with leadership skills and a sound strategic plan, which in turn builds a long-term relationship with our clients,” remarks Ober.

After experiencing several mergers and acquisitions, one particular client, a utility company, engaged with Leadership Resources in a two-year contract to enhance their employee engagement and lower the accident incidence ratio. The fallout of the mergers and acquisitions meant that the company had numerous managers and supervisors with different philosophies, histories, and backgrounds. The utility company wanted to create a cohesive culture with leaders aligned in the same direction. They needed their employees to speak the same language, be more proactive in accomplishing goals, and show increased initiative and ownership in the company’s success.

The utility company enrolled their leaders in the Accelerate Leadership Program, and the Leadership Resources’ coaches worked diligently with them to inspire long-term positive habit changes. The leadership development programs enabled the employees to learn how to set goals around safety, outline behavioral leadership goals to lead and coach their direct reports, and bring affirmative changes in their personal lives. Today the client maintains excellent safety records and has higher employee engagement.

Leadership Resources’ ability to cater to its clients has empowered the company to lead the national U.S. market as a successful training and coaching provider. The company continues to expand on their Accelerate Leadership Program, plans to hire additional members to its team of Certified EOS® Implementers™, and has also launched their Affinity Program, which is a collaborative service offering that allows other organizations to buy Leadership Resources’ development practices and implement them within their workflow. “Third-party providers approach us to purchase our processes. Such initiatives have allowed us to dabble in the international market,” states Ober. Leadership Resources is advancing its trajectory of success by helping businesses unlock their leadership potential. Realizing its winning-edge, Leadership Resources anticipates doubling its business in the next three years.