JobDiva: Powerful Applicant Tracking System

CIO VendorDiya Obeid, CEO
Imagine an office full of recruiters happier at work than they have ever been because they can manage their workflow better and be more efficient. Delightedly, JobDiva is transforming this vision into a reality.

Let’s face it; organizations have often dreamt of automating the most time-consuming HR tasks using intelligent technology—everything from dynamically finding the right candidates to keeping the existing candidates engaged. JobDiva’s rich but easy-to-use solutions enable businesses to work better from top-to-bottom, providing management with comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and identifying new avenues of growth for their sales organizations—a stunningly robust service for the entire office.

JobDiva is one of the leading global Applicant Tracking System and front-to-back Talent Management solution, redefining the standard for cutting-edge technology and innovation. The company offers a robust cloud solution, combining CRM, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, a mobile app and an extensive resume database to deliver staffing solutions with unmatched speed and precision. JobDiva’s solutions facilitate automation in processes that are either tedious to recruiters or are time-consuming. In doing so, the team brings to table its game-changing and unique hyper-powered, automated tools, giving a full-fledged, intelligence-driven process for job board subscriptions and vendor management systems—both crucial aspects of recruitment. These solutions make it easier to deliver the right talent to clients, and by increasing delivery, they help users build new client relationships and boost existing ones.

The company offers unique patent-protected features, for instance, the ability to search resumes for ‘skills by years of experience.'

We don’t simply replicate the recruiting process in a digital format, but rather innovate for smarter, better recruiting in a constantly evolving market

This function gets recruiters their desired candidate faster than they could’ve imagined, using an unparalleled technological tool. JobDiva develops solutions with two main principles in mind. The first one being empathy wherein Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva along with his team of experts put themselves in their clients’ shoes. They try to understand what sort of tool might users need but have less knowledge of conceiving the same as a software solution. “This empathy is coupled with the second principle: our grasp of market evolution, which helps our solutions propel the staffing market forward in a way that other Applicant Tracking Systems and Talent Management software providers simply cannot,” adds Obeid. Much of JobDiva’s research and development proceeds by anticipating future high-volume hiring clusters within various industries—and the job market more broadly. Evidently, its features are developed with present stressors and future hiring dynamics in mind. Such a predictive and analytical approach to development makes JobDiva an innovative Applicant Tracking Software in the market.

By placing recruitment, sales, back office and management into one workflow, JobDiva lifts an entire organization to a higher level of productivity. “We don’t simply replicate the recruiting process in a digital format, but rather innovate for smarter, better recruiting in a constantly evolving market. Though JobDiva’s growth-driving technology is meant to address staffing’s present dynamics with strategic precision, technologists who understand the power of the company often help explain to their HR departments the benefits of JobDiva’s intelligent solutions,” says Obeid.

Today, JobDiva is experiencing tremendous growth with over 24,000 users on the system, and this number is growing by several thousand each quarter. Obeid anticipates that in the near future, JobDiva will be the platform of choice for every recruiting outfit, large or small. “Our technology has transformed both the recruiting industry and the recruiting software market, and it’s gaining further visibility,” concludes Obeid.