Interactyx: Accelerating Employee Development through an Advanced LMS

Simon Cooper, CEO, InteractyxSimon Cooper, CEO
As the IT industry continues to boom with the latest inventions and innovative products, enterprises are on the lookout for learning tools that are flexible to remain abreast with the changing needs of modern learners. Organizations face immense pressure to offer expert training and development opportunities to their employees, especially owing to the increasing number of millennials joining the workforce that expects an alternative to the traditional classroom approach. Stepping up to the challenge with its engaging and interactive learning environment is TOPYX, a comprehensive learning platform, developed by Interactyx. With the integration of social networking tools, the company has transformed the old-school learning system to motivate employees and improve their performance.

Interactyx began its journey with converting economics textbooks into online materials and generating content—tests and quizzes—online. In 2008, the company introduced the first version of TOPYX, which revolutionized the concept of people learning and interacting at the same time; posing as the new-age tool for organizational development. Unlike traditional LMS providers, Interactyx took the contemporary route, allowing clients to add unlimited users and groups through a fixed price annual subscription. “This makes our solution cost-effective for growing clients as they don’t have to pay every time a new user or group is added,” says Simon Cooper, CEO, Interactyx.

As a fully-responsive platform, TOPYX is easily available to users as they can access learning material via their computers, tablets or smartphones any time. With the ability to fully brand and customize the platform organizations can bring their brand and message to any group of learners. Content can be consumed from an organizations central repository, marketplace or authoring tool.

As a fully-responsive platform, TOPYX is easily available to users as they can access learning material on any device any time

Furthermore materials can be created, edited or organized directly inside the TOPYX platform making it easy for instructors and managers to build engaging courses, programs, sessions and learning paths utilizing documents, videos, audio, images, web content and more.

The platform’s social learning functionalities further allow learners to interact with each other and receive feedback from instructors and experts. It also enables the users to create their profiles, to which they can add informative links and media regarding their interests, skills and projects they are currently working on. Similar to any other social media application, people can like each other’s posts, leave comments, and engage in conversations as well.

When it comes to the management of the platform, people in senior positions such as managers or administrators have real-time access to the data and analytics available on the platform, which helps them monitor, coach and make decisions. Information regarding their courses, scores, and training provides a comprehensive set of dashboards and reports that indicates the status of all trainees. Considering the fact that a significant number of employees utilize various software systems in an enterprise on a daily basis, the company allows clients to integrate TOPYX with other systems using an extensive API and single sign-on support, making it a time-efficient solution. Speaking about further developing TOPYX, Cooper mentions that Interactyx intends to leverage advanced UX and UI functionalities to provide a richer user experience. Further, utilizing machine learning, the company plans to add more personalized aspects to the platform too. Organizations need to understand the way their employees should be trained along with ensuring that they are aligned with the company’s overall objectives, and TOPYX provides them the right environment to do the same,” adds Cooper. To provide each of the clients the right training solution, Interactyx gains hands-on knowledge about the client’s brand and services to deliver a suitable solution with the desired configuration and features.