Infionic: Streamlining Workforce through End-to-End HRMS Module

Subramanyam SP, Founder & CEO, infionicSubramanyam SP, Founder & CEO
Businesses are currently witnessing a booming trend where employees are no longer considered as a cost center, but an organizational asset. Resultantly, today’s managements are leaving no stone unturned to gain a streamlined workforce. Moreover, with the advent of cutting-edge technologies, every organization is taking a lead to embrace advanced products that handle individual operations in the most competent manner. “However, most of these discrete products don’t coordinate with each other, thus creating data silos across the business,” begins Subramanyam SP (Subbu), Founder and CEO, Infionic. “Such a siloed approach further hinders the path of organizational efficiency and optimization.” These impediments are effectively addressed by Infionic, a New York- based company that offers enterprise-class product suite to connect all aspects of HR-based information. The company’s pragmatic set of HR solutions facilitates the right people with right data to take timely and precise decisions. “Our company specializes in providing cohesive, enterprise-wide, HR management tools that minimize silos and help firms view information in a concise manner,” says Subbu.

The company provides Infionic HRMS (Human Resource Management System) module that facilitates workforce planning and analytics by correlating data in the terms of skills, tasks, and productivity. The module delivers such harmonization through its ability to offer 360 degree view across all employees. The view is proffered not only from an HR perspective but also from project and performance perspective.

“Our solution’s proactiveness to bring complete visibility through one centralized module makes it easier for organizations to obtain, access, and process the information,” explains Subbu. Apart from its integration capabilities, the module helps organizations with skill set management, performance appraisals, career path management, nurturing, and succession planning. “In a nutshell, our tool captures the entire human resource information lifecycle from position creation to employee exit,” remarks Subbu.

All along, the intelligence of Infionic HRMS module to connect the dots across the flow of enormous information empowers the executive managers to gain both a bird’s eye view and drilled-down information for every individual assessment. “Such combined abilities assist the organizations to craft decisions on the basis of facts and figures,” proclaims Subbu.

Our company specializes in providing cohesive, enterprise-wide, HR management tools that eliminate silos and help the firms view information in a concise manner

Unlike other workforce-management solution providers who offer discrete set of solutions for disparate units, Infionic cuts across the entire enterprise to cohesively tie data from each division into a uniform, comprehendible format. In addition, the company’s knack in building HR solutions based on OFU (Optimized, Flexible, Usable) paradigm results in greater implementation success and easier adaptability. “These parameters help us differentiate and position ourselves unlike any other HR product of market,” delineates Subbu.

Infionic’s solutions have helped several companies get a holistic view of their organization as Infionic One helps manage the 3 M—Man, Machine, and Material in an efficient manner, and also forecast the future utilization based on sales pipeline. “After our clients implement our enterprise suite of products, their proactive decision making becomes simpler and drastically reduces delays in scheduling, improves planning capabilities, and enhances risk management,” explains Subbu.

Leveraging these industry-agonistic traits, Infionic has solved predicaments faced during workforce management. Such problem-resolving capability transpires from the company’s ability to translate their vision into their work culture.Marching ahead, the company plans to persistently improve their range of HR products to serve the requisites of evolving technology landscape. In the words of Subbu, “We are in a process of incorporating additional features including predictive analytics into our product portfolio to equip our clients with a much more finer 360 degree view of an organization.”