Hoozin: Empowering Digital Workforce with Seamless Collaboration

Carwin Heierman, Director of Operations, HoozinCarwin Heierman, Director of Operations
Imagine running a business in which the internal teams lack clear communication. In such a case, a message can turn into an error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even a disaster if misinterpreted or poorly delivered. While many businesses still bank on some form of social networking to catalyze communication and collaboration within their workplace, today’s industry leaders require to move from just an online space for interaction to a thriving community. Enter Hoozin—a brand new way to get together.

“Hoozin is all about creating out-of-the-box community-based collaboration, and helping organizations shift from an Intranet-based to a Digital Workplace culture by connecting the dots between them,” begins Carwin Heierman, the director of operations, Hoozin.

The company enables this collaboration through a two-step methodology comprising technical and consultation levels. During the consultation phase, Hoozin assesses the different applications used by the client organization, and segmentates them based on their usage by various target audiences. Once the applications are grouped, the analysis is sent for the client’s approval in a PDF format. In addition to enabling employee collaboration through application grouping, Hoozin also defines the transformational roadmap from Social Intranet landing page to Digital Workplace landing page for its clients. With the goal to connect all digital assets into a single, integrated experience for the end user, Hoozin utilizes its next-generation widget builder to quickly design, shape, build, and deploy target widgets. The Hoozin widget builder consists of predefined codes and Office 365 API connectors for SAP Inbox, OneDrive, and more.

“Widgets change like the winds and businesses request different integrations.

Hoozin is all about creating out-of-the-box community-based collaboration and helping organizations shift from an Intranet-based to a Digital Workplace culture

Building widgets needs to be speedy and super agile, and that’s what we have achieved with the Hoozin widget builder,” explains Heierman.

Following the initial deployment, Hoozin identifies the next steps for the complete digital transformation of the organization’s work culture through user-friendly design and experience.

Hoozin has powered the transformation from Intranet to a Digital Workplace and collaboration for a wide range of industries such as healthcare, utilities, transportation, and government organizations with on-prem and cloud deployment options. To further elucidate Hoozin’s capabilities, Heierman explains how they helped a utility company dealing in gas distribution overcome their digital transformation challenges. The client’s main concern was their siloed departments and applications, where the employees would communicate only through email. As a result, the utility company was left with untraceable and indigestible knowledge, which could not be used for the next projects. With a focus on enabling real-time collaboration, Hoozin provided a web-based, responsive, high-tech intranet where all the communication transpired through Hoozin and its communities.

Hoozin currently offers the perfect mix of technology that provides an enriching experience in terms of delivering social and online communities. The company is focused on infusing latest technology into their products, with a faster capacity to integrate. With an active presence across the European markets, along with a large client base in Singapore and the U.S., Hoozin further plans to extend its services to the Asian markets. Working on a community-based approach, “We want to provide a lean and mean out-of-the-box software, which can help clients achieve faster time to market by integrating their existing application landscape with the Digital Workplace,” concludes Heierman.