Empower Software Solutions: Innovative Solutions for Effective Workforce Management

Len Finkle, President & CEO, empower software solutionsLen Finkle, President & CEO
In today’s competitive world, companies need to work at a faster pace and swiftly make business decisions. Efficient employees with necessary skills are therefore required to steer companies towards profitability and enhanced productivity.

Empower Software Solutions help companies avert common problems and complexities around their workforce by providing innovative human resource and workforce management systems. The Orlando, FL-based firm enables its clients to strategically lower unneeded costs and expenses that are involved in the management of its staff with its Workforce Management Solutions.

Empower Software Solutions’ integrated software applications delivers custom functionality for payroll and compensation management, tax processing and compliance outsourcing, workforce scheduling and forecasting, talent management, and time and attendance. Additionally, the company’s solutions are flexible, based on superior technology and backed by the industry’s best services in fields like cloud and on-premise software. These solutions can be used on laptops and other mobile devices that are utilized by the workforce.

Empower Software’s core objective behind offering solutions is to empower organizations to achieve their people-powered objectives. The company’s user friendly and easily configurable Workforce Management software helps clients to check on their employee expenses. In addition, Empower Software renders the EmpowerWFM that specifically focuses on workforce optimization and deftly carryout time tracking for complex workforces.The company’s EmpowerTime as a solution also provides a support system and presents information in a single dashboard with graphs, charts, and reports.
Alongside these solutions, the firm facilitates customers with its Empower HR/Pay as a solution to determine the eligibility of employees based on multiple criteria, thereby reducing costs that are involved in hiring and recruiting processes.

The company’s repertoire of offerings also include solutions for ACA compliance to aid organizations with a set of integrated tools and reports to overcome the complexities that are related to daily business processes and regulatory needs.

“Empower Software Solutions are customer-centric and mostly thrive on the feedback of its users to capacitate them with befitting set of tools and solutions,” says Len Finkle, President and CEO, Empower Software. “This is our true differentiator.”

Many clients have been benefited by the unique functionality and immense applicability of the firm’s solutions. For instance, the American Crane & Equipment Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of cranes, hoists, and other material handling equipment approached the company. The customer was seeking to deploy a solution that enabled process automation for a variety of critical support functions including time tracking and payroll processing.

By using EmpowerTime, the client was able to maximize efficiency for time and attendance tracking, thereby smoothing out their payroll processing. The solution assisted the customer to reduce the time spent in payroll processing, providing them more accurate tracking and verification of employee records without the need to scan and fax relevant documents.

With a string of success stories, Empower Software plans to promote a more compelling work environment for the employees and provide its clients with highly configurable and strategic human resource and workforce management solutions. “We work to assist clients and inspire better associate performance, streamline critical processes for HR managers, and create a more productive and profitable workplace,” beams Finkle. Moving ahead, Empower Software Solutions will continue to partner with different companies and combine to strategically develop and integrate Workforce Management Solutions to solve challenges endured by its customers.