Boatswain & Associates: Optimizing HCM Processes With Boutique Consultation

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Rawle Boatswain, Principal Consultant, Boatswain & AssociatesRawle Boatswain, Principal Consultant
There are many ‘smoke and mirrors’ when it comes to Human Capital Management (HCM): let alone the compliance & the process documentation. A fact corroborated by Rawle A. Boatswain, Principal Consultant at Boatswain & Associates, LLC. Boatswain recounted many times in his career where he noticed many implementations relied on a top-down approach versus the entire team’s engagement. In addition, most HCM implementation processes heavily relied on lofty PowerPoint presentations and ad-style briefings, which often failed to help business owners and leaders drive the necessary growth and changes in organizational performance. Boatswain also saw business owners and leaders become indecisive about using all the modules of a full-suite HCM system. The disconnect between the use of the systems and the support structure drove Boatswain to later establish Boatswain & Associates—with the objective to take the confusion out and streamline HCM deployment and compliance.

Boatswain & Associates (B&A) is taking a unified approach to solving and optimizing the HCM implementation process for small and medium-sized businesses, helping them grow with each passing day. “Unlike traditional consulting organizations who just present a set of objectives and walk away, we are deeply vested in ensuring that the technically-sound HCM solution is never seen as an administrative burden for the organization,” affirms Boatswain. As a result, the company’s core competencies can be broadly divided into four categories: Rawle A. Boatswain

HCM Strategy &Advisory Services, Project Management, System Implementation, and Account Management and Support.

Partnering with business owners and leaders to identify and assess new opportunities, the team of experienced industry professionals at B&A provides a wide range of services—right from existing system optimization and gap analysis to cloud migration, payroll management, and time & labor management.
In addition, B&A supervises, leads, and directs the implementation of its client’s multiple business initiatives, including change management, organizational readiness, risk management, or scope management - to assist businesses in deploying a wide variety of business initiatives that best boost operational excellence.Notwithstanding, B&A also assists businesses with post-implementation support based on the level of support they need and whenever they need it.

Underpinning the company’s portfolio of state-of-the-art HCM implementation services is B&A’s consultative approach of working with their clients, which gives them a competitive edge over their peers. Every business step is planned on par with the macro technological trends, latest industry reports generated by top-tier organizations, and the evolving customer demands to map out growth opportunities for their clients and help them make critical business decisions with a research-driven and relationship oriented approach.

On that note, Boatswain recalls a success story where one of their clients wanted to review their payroll operations. B&A approach the assignment by first holding detailed discussions with the client regarding their requirements before conducting a gap analysis and identifying all the client’s business operational gaps.

Then, during the post-analysis, B&A proposed three distinctive strategies: longterm, mid-term, and short-term gap mitigation to bridge all the operational gaps. “Our strategies helped the client turn their payroll operations into a fully documented process while noting a tenfold enhancement in tax-compliance,” extols Boatswain.
  • We Are Deeply Vested In Ensuring That The Technically Sound HCM Solution Is Never Seen As An Administrative Burden For The Organization

Having provided the best-in-class stack of solutions for its clients over the past year, Boatswain now believes that while the company focuses on business expansion by capitalizing on every new opportunity, it would continue prioritizing customer experience to grow organically in the future. “Building on client satisfaction, profitability, and our 20+ years of in-house experience in HCM services, we are ready to grow further and maximize the quality, accuracy, and effectiveness of our client’s business operations,” concludes Boatswain.
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Boatswain & Associates

New York, NY

Rawle Boatswain, Principal Consultant

Boatswain & Associates (B&A) was established in 2019 to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow. They operate with a nimble team of experts focused on payroll, HR operations and tax compliance, ensuring you have the right level of services, processes and technology in place, allowing you to focus on what you do best – deliver your core products and services