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Robert Krenza, CEO and Founder, Deborah Inanna and Gabriel Krenza, Senior Consultant, BlackWolf ConsultantsRobert Krenza, CEO and Founder, Deborah Inanna and Gabriel Krenza, Senior Consultant
The global business ecosystem is more dynamic than ever before, courtesy of changing market scenarios, customer behaviors, and emergent modern technologies. To keep up with these trends, enterprises need great leaders who bring innovation to the table and foresight into the arena of opportunity. Great leaders, like great athletes, are most effective and successful when they have great coaches by their side. Companies need leaders who inspire, motivate, encourage employees, and foster collaboration. This is why coaching is imperative.

On September 11th, 2001, Robert Krenza changed his flight at the last moment – changing not only a simple travel plan, but also the course of his life. He was spared the fiery crash of United Airlines Flight 93 after being hijacked by terrorists. Gratitude, purpose and a profound desire to make his life count represented his ‘Great Awakening.’ Out of this experience, Robert asked new questions. Who am I? What is my contribution? What was 9/11 saying to all of humanity? And, perhaps most importantly, how can we choose to own every event – and outcome – that occurs in our lives? This was the beginning of the creation of the highly respected and renowned Collaborative and Transformational Leadership Acceleration (CTLA™) Program.

Robert has spent a lifetime studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness, which he views as the cornerstone to the success of his professional work. Decades of experience working domestically and internationally with senior executives and their teams have provided him with an extensive understanding of diverse cultural nuances that shows in the content of the CTLA™ Program. He has coached all over the world, includes teams in Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, Russia, Asia Pacific, China, Australia, Central and Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.

In 2014 Robert and his wife Deborah founded BlackWolf Consultants Inc., a Colorado-based international consultancy, specializing in virtual and in-person transformational leadership development, executive coaching, and team immersions. Deborah Krenza, a certified Equine Guided educator, Heart Math Coach, Grief Counselor and Newfield Certified Coach®, added other elements of coaching for BlackWolf clients. Gabriel Krenza, Robert’s son, a Certified Coach and an expert guide in facilitating culture-building wilderness expeditions brought in yet another element, called BlackWolf Expeditions. He has guided teams of men and women in the private sector, military, and non-profit organizations up some of the biggest mountains and down some of the wildest rivers in the world.

Along with over a half-dozen BlackWolf Senior Consultants, this family run company has had transformative results with their clients and program participants producing a quantum change in their personal lives and professional effectiveness. Robert believes that professional and personal lives cannot be separated. The beliefs that drive our behaviors, empowering or disempowering, effect both our work and our home life. Transforming disempowering beliefs to empowering beliefs takes inner work, community support and most of all, time. This is why the CTLA™ Program is 9-12 months. Corporate Leaders get to move through individual work, interpersonal work and team and organization work. This holistic approach has proven itself successful for individuals within countless teams across numerous organizations. Some say it has cracked a code in transformational work that other coaching programs have not.

What does the Wolf mean to the Krenza’s? The Wolf represents our instinctive nature that is wild and free. Filled with sharp instincts, passion, creativity and ageless wisdom, the BlackWolf is revered for its power to bring transformation and learning to humans. The BlackWolf howling at the full moon symbolizes bringing light into times of darkness and the color black encompasses everything we know – and what we don’t know.

Robert has a masterful understanding of transformations at the personal, team, and organizational level. The CTLA™ Program inspires a change in a leader’s mindset, transforming causality-based beliefs into self-authoring and choice-based beliefs.

True transformation occurs when an individual leader raises their self-awareness, is able to see the behaviors that are not contributing to their own success, and consciously chooses to do the work to embrace empowering beliefs

BlackWolf enables leaders to understand responsibility at a conscious level and embrace the importance of creating resonance within teams. BlackWolf Consultants help evolve individuals’ behaviors by focusing not only on logical intelligence but also on emotional, somatic, creative, and intuitive intelligence. When individuals utilize such diverse understandings, it creates value in their lives. This goes far beyond preparing them to help their businesses succeed.

Robert believes that every human being is capable of helping others, and one achieves that by evolving one’s collaborative and innovative skills. BlackWolf supports individuals to identify their self-limiting beliefs and empowers them to choose new ones. Once a conscious choice has been made to make a shift, a leader can then begin to build harmonic resonance with their peers. BlackWolf also gives paramount importance to trust as the fundamental cornerstone of culture. It takes inspiration from Charles Feltman’s The Thin Book of Trust, which highlights the four elements of trust: sincerity, reliability, competence, and care. BlackWolf enables teams to consistently demonstrate these four elements such that they help organizations maintain transparency and accountability. Describing it further, Robert adds, “When leaders raise their self-awareness to the point where they can see the behaviors that are disempowering them and not contributing to their success, that is where transformation occurs.”

The CTLA™ Program drives belief, behavior and a mindset transformation, resulting in lasting positive change. It includes a twelve-month curriculum broken into four sections that focus on different aspects of transformational leadership. The first section focuses on Personal Growth, where individuals learn about themselves, identify disempowering beliefs and behaviors, and become more effective and inspired human beings. This is followed by a focus on their Interpersonal Leadership, where they learn to build strong relationships with others in a collaborative, innovative, transparent, and caring manner. This sets the basis for fostering a connection between Teams and Organizations. Individuals make presentations and declarations of the kind of leader they want to be, and they commit to it while the entire team listens and supports it. The CTLA™ Program cultivates a sense of accountability between managers and employees. Finally, they are encouraged to listen to the inner dialogue to contemplate their core values for making rational decisions.

Gabriel Krenza, has a fascinating take on human resources and explains, “Within the HR industry, we often view management strictly as ‘people management’. In truth, we lead people and we manage things. And yet, oftentimes, HR carries a lot of assumptions that humans are just simply resources. BlackWolf is reframing this idea. We are laser-focused on expanding and elevating the intrinsic value and importance of humans within business.” BlackWolf’s unique approach makes it a trusted name in leadership development. The company has worked with global Fortune 1000 companies. It has supported the success of many internationally known mergers and acquisitions. It has facilitated the connection of two distinct cultures and the conception of a completely new and powerfully effective one. According to pre- and post- surveys conducted for each CTLA™ journey, ninety percent of participants strongly agree that CTLA™ enhanced their ability to impact their organization positively, and eighty-five percent strongly agree that their ability to engage in authentic and constructive dialogue had improved.

BlackWolf has faced every challenge in the industry head-on, and even the pandemic could not stop its momentum. The company has embraced many technological facilitation developments. It can provide their expert consultancy via Video Conferencing in combination with a deeply immersive virtual learning curriculum platform. With the increase in popularity of remote work culture, BlackWolf is well positioned to leverage digital media to expand its reach. The company is developing a mobile application that will offer their industry leading collaborative and transformational curriculum. In the past 5 years, BlackWolf has doubled in size and revenue and continues to expand its large global client portfolio. As Robert concludes, “Our mission is to impact the greatest number of senior leaders that have the greatest positive impact on the greatest number of people.”
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BlackWolf Consultants

BlackWolf Consultants

Boulder, Colorado

Robert Krenza, CEO and Founder, Deborah Inanna and Gabriel Krenza, Senior Consultant

BlackWolf Consultants is a Transformational Leadership, Team and Organizational Consultancy. Its work and programs are designed to guide our clients to the attainment of their leadership goals. BlackWolf Consultants listen to deeply understand the essence of all that is and the unrealized potential in a person, a team, and an organization. It works with leaders and organizations committed to connecting to courage and being purpose and principle/values-driven in a three-part approach to leadership development. The company understands that leaders and their teams need flexibility and utilize technology, creating a thought-provoking, virtual/online transformational program - CTLA™