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Craig Renzulli, Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Balance StaffingCraig Renzulli, Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer Assembling an ideal workforce is a lot like putting together the perfect jigsaw puzzle. Candidate sourcing, compensation, position marketing, talent skill set, and communication are all interlocking pieces of the talent acquisition puzzle.

But matching the right talent in the right place at the right time can be a challenge. Why? Because recruiters are frequently overwhelmed with applications that often fall short in terms of basic requirements. Sifting through thousands of applications simply to identify acceptable candidates can become a herculean task. Employers find themselves in a constant scramble to fill both long-standing and emerging gaps in their workforce, leaving them without time to put adequate attention toward other important efforts.

For many companies, the solution to this problem comes in the form of Balance Staffing – a company that leverages outreach and data analysis technologies with a team of talent acquisition experts and a vast database of diverse candidates. This allows Balance to rapidly select, screen, and interview the best potential employees who not only fit the job role, but who’s values also align with the business strategy. For the experts at Balance Staffing recruitment is about more than just matching a candidate profile with an employer brand. “Our goal is to assist employers in finding the right employees who are going to add to their productivity and growth and, at the same time, help candidates land their dream jobs,” says Craig Renzulli, Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer at Balance Staffing. Instead of simply filling vacant positions, Renzulli explains how his team of experts embody “Balance’s tagline” of More Than a Resume by assessing the merits of each candidate. They will carefully vet each potential employee from a skillset standpoint as well as a cultural fit perspective and make sure that those align with the organizations they partner with.

Thanks to Balance’s value-based recruitment mindset, the company is able to cultivate long-term client partner relationships. Balance solves workforce management problems for employers from a broad range of industries, including everything from engineering & IT, accounting & finance, through manufacturing and production. “Our services are scalable and customizable as per our client’s unique requirements, including the hiring frequency, time constraints, candidate volume, and onboarding budget. We take great care to learn our client’s specific challenges and objectives and build a staffing program tailor-made to address those nuanced needs,” adds Renzulli.


Balance Staffing achieves the massive feat of bridging the gap between employers and job seekers by combining the prowess of data analytics with superior human reasoning and intuition. The company’s portal for job seekers is made with candidate expectations in mind. Job seekers can easily apply for the listed vacancies from a simple and engaging dashboard which allows them to filter available jobs based on a variety of criteria. Applicant data is compiled in a database and sorted, based on skills and competencies, using a robust analysis software which completes an initial employee-employer matching. At this point, Balance Staffing relies on its human specialists to screen the candidates further, through a five-stage interview process, to determine the compatibility of the candidate’s personal aspirations with the business goals of the employer. Once Balance has ascertained a candidate’s fit for a particular position, the company forwards a shortlist of qualified candidates to the employer for final selection. Their white-glove approach carefully walks both candidate and employer through the entire process, ensuring that expectations are communicated and properly managed for all parties.
Once a placement has been made, Balance leverages its business intelligence reporting to provide their clients with the necessary insights into their workforce population, and their dedicated Account Management team partners with clients in helping to drive efficiencies of the program.


Using a combination of human sourcing teams, both on and offshore, as well as automated candidate aggregator tools, Balance is continuously canvassing the market for exceptional talent, through various candidate engagement events, both virtually and in person. A Balance Account Manager partners with their clients to be in tune with staffing forecasts, allowing them to maintain a strong candidate pipeline to respond quickly to client demand. They also invest heavily in various efficiency tools to leverage candidate contact information. Renzulli explained how a recent sevenfigure investment that Balance has made into such technologies is allowing them to contact candidates more quickly than other staffing firms and to be more selective in their hiring process.

Another recruitment tactic that sets the company apart from other staffing firms is their Reskilling/Upskilling program. Through established relationships with local educational institutions, the company can build course curriculum which provides candidates with the education necessary to bridge the skills gap, thereby creating a candidate pipeline that did not exist prior.

Balance Staffing also offers some of the best workforce management services, designed to lessen the administrative burden of HR departments. This is especially beneficial for startups and smaller companies that do not have sufficient HR resources, as well as large companies whose contingent labor programs are so large that they require significant resources to manage. To solve this problem, Balance Staffing sends dedicated on-site representatives to assist them in their everyday work. Besides handling crucial administrative tasks such as on-boarding, time & attendance and reporting (to name a few) the on-site representatives also serve as an extension of their client’s HR teams.

In this role, they facilitate employee engagement programs, employee performance evaluations and handle other various HR issues, reducing the client’s management burden. In addition to these specialized recruitment and workforce management services, the company also provides recruitment process outsourcing(RPO), managed services provider (MSP) programs, hybrid master vendor programs, and independent contractor compliance assistance. Each of these services is scalable based on client and candidate needs, whether that involves the coordination of talent sourcing and acquisition, management of recruitment processes, or retention boosting.

Our Goal Is To Assist Employers In Finding The Right Employees Who Are Going To Add To Their Productivity And Growth And, At The Same Time, Help Candidates Land Their Dream Jobs

Another unique feature that Balance Staffing offers its partner clients includes data insights, provided in easily digestible formats, to assist clients in measuring the impact that their workforce has on their overall business strategy. The company also requests regular feedback from its employer partners to ensure that they are continually upgrading their services while also taking into consideration any evolving candidate expectations.

A clear testament to the company’s staffing excellence includes a recent instance when Balance Staffing helped a large manufacturer who needed to immediately onboard more than 1,000 candidates, on short notice. It nimbly scaled-up its capabilities by facilitating an internal collaboration between its branches. Thanks to the company’s innovative strategy, it only took six weeks to bring in over 1,500 candidates for the client.

Balance Staffing’s role did not end there. When the global pandemic hit, the manufacturer experienced massive turnover in their manufacturing department, especially within the first 30 days of employment, which greatly affected the client’s business. Understanding the client’s needs, Balance quickly adjusted to an RPO model to help the manufacturer pivot their workforce management strategy. This enabled them to quickly fill the positions needed with quality talent by allowing Balance to tap into separate candidate pools that wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise. As a result Balance was able to drive the turnover within the first 30 days of employment down by more than 40 percent, while simultaneously providing a lower cost per hire – the net result was the automotive manufacturer was able to regain its business continuity and exceed its goals.


While the company’s flexible staffing and workforce management solutions have played a prominent role in forging such success stories, the credit for making it all possible also goes to the local teams at Balance Staffing. With the company’s core values of Integrity, Relationships, Passion & Innovation being the pillars from which they attest all their success is derived, their core value of innovation creates a culture where employees are encouraged, empowered, and expected to challenge the status quo. Most of all, each of the employees at Balance Staffing is instilled with the principle of ‘People over Profit’. This mindset is the foundation of Balance Staffing’s ability to form long term collaborations. Most impressively, the managers at different branches of the company are incentivized to share resources and recruitment needs with each other. This has fostered a culture of collaboration, making it possible for Balance Staffing to scale up more quickly than their competitors during hiring spikes, and allowing Balance to respond to their client needs, no matter what territory the spikes are occurring in.

Today, Balance Staffing is recognized as being among the 1% of the largest staffing agencies in the United States in terms of revenue. With corporate offices in California, the company is also expanding its physical presence across the country, with additional offshore recruiting hubs in the Philippines and India. In 2020, the company made placements in 37 different US States and in Canada. Despite its rapid growth, the company aims to remain extremely nimble, pivoting to adjust to the nuanced hiring needs of its clients. Currently, the company is making significant capital investments to its technological capabilities, with a significant focus on advanced analytics that will allow the company to predict future candidate and employer markets.
  • We Will Innovate And Evolve, So That We Can Continue Matching The Right People To The Right Organizations At A Faster Rate, For The Benefit Of Candidates As Well As Employers

Balance Staffing is also planning to assemble a new task force which will focus on integrating emerging technologies into its various services. The task force will also oversee identifying, developing, acquiring, and/ or licensing suitable solutions for some of the most prevalent hiring problems faced by clients. “We will innovate and evolve, so that we can continue matching the right people to the right organizations at a faster rate, for the benefit of candidates as well as employers,” concludes Renzulli.

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Balance Staffing

Balance Staffing

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Craig Renzulli, Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Balance Staffing specializes in connecting top talent with exceptional employers. For the company, job seekers are more than a resume; they are unique individuals working to achieve their career dreams. Employers aren’t clients, but partners striving for business success. Its goal is to connect top talent with exceptional employers. Since 1997, that’s been the company’s guiding purpose, inspiring it to always be the best, so it can be there for its partners. Balance Staffing is committed to its four key values: Passion, Integrity, Innovation, and Relationships. It focuses on cultivating lasting connections, both with its partner companies and candidate