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Tom Manning, Director of Sales Enablement, AsurintTom Manning, Director of Sales Enablement
Employers rely upon background checks to return quick, accurate, and cost-effective results on job candidates. However, employers often find themselves weighed down with long turnaround times and incorrect reports, all while hemorrhaging dollars. Tom Manning, Director of Sales Enablement at Asurint, highlights his company’s answer to bypassing these pitfalls: IQLogics™. IQLogics is Asurint’s intelligent tool for employers to complete an employment screen on candidates. Harnessing a proprietary algorithm, automation, and direct court access to thousands of federal, state, and local jurisdictions around the US, IQLogics bears a close resemblance to a modern-day GPS navigation app. It enables the user to travel from point A to point B by scanning for unforeseen factors that could present increased costs and risks to employers. Much like a GPS, IQLogics offers businesses the ability to steer toward the results it needs.

IQLogics provides Asurint clients with the ability to perform intelligent, comprehensive background checks for every candidate, eliminating the guesswork. Its unique algorithm allows an employer to input a candidate’s name, date of birth, and social security number to generate address information. Using this, IQLogics harnesses Asurint’s powerful automation and its expansive network of court partnerships to run a detailed assessment of what searches are available nationwide, and what the quickest way to search the most records will be. It then dynamically recommends the relevant criminal searches specific to that candidate. Where possible, IQLogics relies on the direct connections Asurint has with available courts. It can search the court’s repository and reduce the need for manual search and the associated processing fees.
This is increasingly useful for clients with the rise of remote work, where hiring managers may have to search in unfamiliar states, and without Asurint, would otherwise face the hurdle of identifying the correct county or state in which to conduct a search on their own, a time consuming challenge that leads employers to burn through screening budgets. That expertise is built into IQLogics itself, helping Asurint clients manage risk in a cost-effective manner.

Importantly, Asurint has built a robust compliance framework into every layer of its operations and solutions, including IQLogics. As a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it adheres to strict regulations for conducting its background checks. These are also factored into the automations that power IQLogics to recommend the most accurate repository for a background search’s completion. “For us, onboarding a client is an end-to-end process where we educate clients, helping them understand the usability and utility of our solution when making hiring decisions,” says Manning.
  • For us, onboarding a client is an end-to-end process where we educate clients, helping them understand the usability and utility of our solution when making hiring decisions

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated another enormous hurdle employers must face when conducting pre-employment screens. During that time, several courts in the U.S. limited their physical accessibility or restricted communication with the clerk without prior notification. Because many background screens are conducted manually by court runners, this resulted in dramatic slowdowns. However, because Asurint has invested in its technology and IQLogics is built on unique court partnerships that empower it to directly access many courts electronically across the nation, Asurint could successfully obtain instant access to criminal records without clients needing to wait on courts with fewer operational hours.

Asurint focuses on consistently improving its search automations to facilitate various pre-employment screening functions. Today, the company continues to create more partnerships with courts to remove any closure obstacles that could stall the proceedings.
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Tom Manning, Director of Sales Enablement

Since 2006, Asurint has been leading the background screening industry forward. The company’s powerful, customizable technology, backed by expert answers and personalized assistance, helps employers hire the right candidates every time, and faster than ever before. Organizations leverage better background checks to reduce manual workloads, minimize compliance risk, promote a safer workplace, and drive insights to boost hiring and recruitment success.