Asure Software: Making Realistic Decisions for Workforce Management

Patrick Goepel, CEO, asure softwarePatrick Goepel, CEO
With today’s business focus on innovation and productivity, the key asset to leverage for sustainable business growth is human capital. This does not, however, mean just finding, acquiring, assimilating, and retaining workers in a company. The key aspect of workforce management is to optimize the human resources to drive maximum value. There is a growing demand from CIOs for transient and decentralized tools that could provide flexibility and agility around the mobile workforce. Catering to this demand, Austin, TX based Asure Software offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to manage employees working on-sites. “Asure Software is a cloud based scheduling software that revolutionizes collaboration to build a scalable technology foundation and leverages the SaaS delivery model of the workflow,” asserts Patrick Goepel, CEO, Asure Software.

Increasing support for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies, coupled with the power of cloud, the company removes geographical boundaries and time constraints, paving way for a truly mobile and global workforce. The Asure Software programmers are at the forefront to dramatically impact workforce management with their offering of cloud based scheduling software compatible with a browser, mobile device, Microsoft Outlook, kiosks and room panels allowing access from anywhere at any time.

Asure software acts as a catalyst in offering mobile solutions for time and labor management through its various applications like—AsureForce Time & Labor Management and GeoPunch Mobile Time Tracking. These applications help users easily capture time and attendance from any location and at any given time. With advancement in facial recognition and geolocation technologies, PeopleStrategy aids clients to reduce costly time fraud, and help the supervisors in tracking and managing remote staff effectively. The company also introduced a mobile app, Asure Smartway, which allows both employees and visitors to navigate complex internal spaces.

We intend to deliver innovative technology with the passion to empower every client’s workplace and the commitment to make the workflow easier

With the help of sub-meter accuracy and x-y-z coordinates, Smartway assists in finding way around office buildings, parking lots, trade floors etc. Next in the line of company’s offering is Asure SmartMove, an intuitive SaaS solution that brings efficiency and easy-to-manage organizational move management. “SmartMove brings together people, space and assets under the umbrella of one remarkable tool,” states Goepel.

Various organizations have chosen Asure Software to augment the efficiency of their workflows from the collaboration standpoint. In one instance, Process & Business Consulting, a Canada based internal consulting group of RBC Financial Group, approached Asure Software to optimize their office space in Toronto. While the group occupied an entire floor at their headquarters in Toronto, workstations, offices and cubes would sit idle as more than 50 percent of the staff is offsite on assignment.

As a result, they needed to find an alternative way to manage their space so that remote employees who did come into the office had a space to work while reducing the amount of unused space. The solution would have to be easy to use, feature rich and flexible, Web-based for access from any location worldwide, and friendly enough to encourage rapid adoption across the department. AsureSpace Resource Scheduler was the only solution that more than met their requirements.

Asure Software was founded on the premise—and the promise—to give businesses the best workplace productivity and facility management tools. In the coming years, the company is looking forward to create the world-class technological solutions that would address the needs of global workforce.

“We intend to deliver ingenious technology with the passion to enhance every client’s workplace and the commitment to make the workflow easier,” concludes Goepel.