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Chris Lennon, Chief Product Officer, ArcoroChris Lennon, Chief Product Officer
The evolution of technology and changes in employment trends have magnified the need for a strong human resource strategy. Three human capital management (HCM) platform companies collaborated to forever change the functions involved in the workforce management ecosystem in mid 2018. BirdDogHR, ExakTime, and Infinity HR, joined forces to deliver an all-in-one solution that would cater to software needs within the HR. The alliance laid the foundation for Arcoro—a one-stop HCM solution provider dedicated to helping high consequence industries attract, manage, and retain their workforce.

“Arcoro helps organizations find the valuable integration points to solve HR needs,” begins Chris Lennon, Chief Product Officer at Arcoro. The company delivers its services through modules, allowing the clients to separately license parts of the software as per the business’ requirement.

The secret behind Arcoro’s offering is the Core HR module that synchronizes employee data between the BirdDogHR, ExakTime, and InfinityHR platforms. This enables the company to deliver a variety of services including benefits administration, time and attendance, applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, and other HR functions. The accumulated employee data helps Arcoro’s clients to further uncover workforce insights to make critical decisions about how to improve employee productivity.

For example, the construction industry can utilize these features by in putting their employee information into their existing ERP system such as Accumatica, which can enable a more streamlined construction accounting process.

Arcoro, as the leader of the HR ecosystem, helps organizations find the valuable integration points to solve HR needs

Additionally, Arcoro’s Core HR module can not only help companies fulfill their ACA reporting requirements but also enable real-time time tracking through various mobile-based applets. The mobile-friendly apps eliminate most of the clients’ manual paper-based processes, ultimately helping them automate and streamline the overall HR practices-from onboarding to ongoing performance management and employee training.

“With a high consequence organization, every additional month that you can get an employee to stay on the job is money saved,” adds Lennon. Arcoro’s end-to-end HR solutions also empower companies from every business vertical to maintain compliance and clear their OFCCP and I-9 audits. Arcoro’s offerings go through aggressive QA testing and can be configurable to meet the requirements of an organization of any size. The implementation time for solution deployment depends on the required number of modules and the scale of its application across the organization. Built for high turnover markets, Arcoro’s performance module helps leaders to enable frequent employee engagement at a personal level. To truly appreciate Arcoro’s capabilities in workforce management, Lennon shares a case study wherein the company helped a client manage and validate time sheets for the entire workforce. As the client’s primary requirement was to validate the clock-in and clock-out information, Arcoro delivered a mobile application, which was used by the employees to record their attendance. The client was certain about the accuracy of the information recorded from the application as it could only be operated within a specific radius of the authorized job site, thanks to its built in geo-fencing technology.

Arcoro boasts a high customer retention rate of 95 percent, thanks to its dedicated customer service team and customer success managers that ensure customer delight. Arcoro has also established an impressive roadmap that features more mobile enablement, customer centricity, and additional modules to help the HR ecosystem thrive. “We are an HR software company that makes sure to talk the talk and walk the walk,” concludes Lennon.
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Chris Lennon, Chief Product Officer

Arcoro helps businesses in high consequence, high compliance industries manage, draw, and retain their workforce. The company automates workforce management that makes post-hire onboarding, compliance, and employee engagement easily manageable for a business. The Arcoro solution suite boosts workforce performance and efficiencies, builds ROI, and limits risk with easy-to-use cloud-based software and services. The company offers everything that organizations need to create an excellent human capital management strategy. By combining solutions for talent acquisition, payroll, core HR, time and attendance tracking, organizations are positioned to attract and retain top talent