Appreiz: Reshaping Talent Management Using Social Recognition

Jayashree Venkataraman, Founder & CEO, AppreizJayashree Venkataraman, Founder & CEO
Imagine if every employee and manager in your company had the ability to quickly and easily provide recognition and appreciation to a co-worker for a job well done. What if the details of their noteworthy accomplishment could also be shared instantly with everyone else in the organization, as well as with specific customers and partners?

This is the intriguing concept behind Appreiz, a unique social recognition platform for businesses. The app is the brainchild of Jayashree Venkataraman, an experienced Technology and strategy and planning leader who holds an MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has helped corporate giants such as Microsoft and GE in Engineering and Operational excellence. It’s currently configured for use on the web and Android devices, as well as for Slack integration, and iOS development is underway. Recently Appreiz has signed to become SAP Partner and Appreiz will be available as extension to SAP Success factors by next month.

“Appreiz turns our voracious appetite for recognition through social media into what could potentially be a distinct workplace advantage,” says Jayashree, the Founder and CEO. Designed with millennials in mind, the app’s Facebook-like interface delivers a simple yet powerful platform for a company’s co-workers, managers and partners to provide virtually instantaneous recognition for a co-worker who has demonstrated a competency, value or skill in a defined area.

Once an accolade has been recorded in Appreiz, it becomes immediately visible to everyone in the organization; the ability to customize recipients is a feature that will likely be added in future.

Appreiz turns our voracious appetite for recognition through social media into what could potentially be a distinct workplace advantage

In addition to the potential for positive recognition, employees are motivated to stay invested in the platform through the perks a company might offer via rewards market place either monetary such as movie vouchers, dinners for two, or non monetary like primo parking spots at the office. Companies can tailor awards according to their culture using a built-in point system.

Alongside to foster a stronger connection with a company’s corporate culture by engaging and rewarding its employees, perhaps the most valuable feature of Appreiz is its ability to track, analyze and display accumulated data, providing a powerful tool for managers to gauge ongoing performance in terms of demonstrated competencies and skills and take full advantage of the employees’ strength. The patent pending “Appreiz Graph” provides a comprehensive timeline-based overview and rating based on demonstrated competencies and skills. “One Dashboard” displays clusters of information to show which recognitions have been recorded and how they’ve been distributed within departments and throughout the company as a whole. With the benefit of this information, decision-makers can more easily identify areas to invest in learning and development, promotability, talent identification and succession planning.

Appreiz (coming soon in next version) can be configured to handle more than one role, i.e. a hobby, an occupation and a volunteer activity, and to compile and display data accordingly. It would also enable freelancers who are becoming more prevalent in the workforce to keep track of positive feedback and recognitions from numerous clients over time.

Studies have shown that many millennials perform at their best when the possibility exists that they will be recognized on the spot for doing a good job. Since they are expected to comprise nearly half of the U.S. workforce by 2020, Appreiz seems well-positioned as a provider of a unique platform that can help companies achieve exactly what they want.