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Michael Chen, President, AmerichexMichael Chen, President
As the mid-November snow drew a white blanket on the city of Buffalo, NY, an icy shiver went down the spines of the employees at a small-sized business facility. Their head-office was situated at a distance, and they had to visit it every week to pick up their checks, which seemed daunting in the snowstorm. Even the ever-reliable postal service was closed due to the violent nature of the storm. What they needed was a paperless payroll solution that would solve the cumbersome process, a solution that Americhex delivered seamlessly. Through its payroll management solution, Americhex has made payroll processing easier and more convenient for businesses. Americhex offers an online payroll service that allows clients to pay their employees directly. “From the day when we started the business, our vision was to provide a seamless, paperless workforce solution to businesses. We started by making the entire payroll process paperless, and have since added job applicant tracking, time-clock management and other key elements to offer a holistic workforce management solution to all our clients, regardless of size,” says Michael Chen, the president of Americhex. The company today ensures that small businesses can access the state-of-the-art applicant tracking, payroll and tax management, and time-clock management technology usually available only to larger organizations. “We deliver a simple turnkey solution that enables our clients to manage different aspects of workforce management,” informs Chen.

Elaborating on a use-case, Chen mentions some of the tracking challenges that organizations face during the hiring process such as keeping track of applicants and determining the top candidates for the job. Americhex’s applicant tracking module allows employers to distribute jobs to top job boards and social media sites in one click. Applicants can apply from job boards, social media sites or by phone through Text to Apply. The ‘Text to Apply’ feature allows job seekers to quickly apply for open positions through text message. Employers can ask optional pre-interview questions. They can easily identify top candidates, schedule an interview, or onboard the new employee electronically.
Americhex makes it simple for companies to track time and attendance electronically. The company’s mobile app time and attendance solution makes it easy for companies with a mobile workforce to manage their attendance from any job site. Since it is integrated with a payroll module, doing payroll is just a click away.

We deliver a simple turnkey solution that enables our clients to manage different elements of workforce management

Another important module in Americhex’s workforce management solution is the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. Common human resource processes are easily managed in the ESS portal without the company having a dedicated human resource team member. On pay day, the employee can receive a text message with a net pay amount, view and print pay stub online. The employee can also submit a change of address, W-4 information, direct deposit information, and request time off directly from the portal.

Americhex puts particular emphasis on the needs of their customers and comprehending their pain points before delivering a specific solution. “Requirements of our clients vary as we deliver to many different industries. It is important for us to understand our clients’ challenges so we can offer them an effective, customized solution,” states Chen. “Our mission is to provide a state-of-the-art turnkey solution with powerful tools to reduce time in the hiring process, reduce labor cost and improve operational efficiencies and compliances so businesses can concentrate on their bottom line.”

With the company rich history of catering to customers in the taxation sector and a team with varied experience, expertise, and competence, Americhex has undoubtedly grown to be one of the leading companies in the workforce management arena. The company’s relentless efforts to deliver a simple yet powerful solution for paperless payroll, onboarding, and application and employee tracking has turned Chen’s idea of making technology simple and affordable into a reality. Looking ahead, Americhex will continue delivering an end-to-end process for workforce management with comprehensive reporting capabilities to small and mid-sized businesses at an affordable price point. They also aim to expand their solutions’ abilities to offer benefit administration processes and take the next step toward comprehensive workforce management.