AmCheck: Reinforcing Human Capital Management

Dean Lucente, Co-Founder & President, AmCheckDean Lucente, Co-Founder & President
Designed to compete with full service Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), the foundation of AmCheck was laid in 1996 to mirror the modus operandi of a full-fledged Administration Services Organization (ASO). Breaking free from the mould of national payroll companies offering confined, regimented and limited solutions to employers, AmCheck began offering solutions for administration of multi-client, multi-need Payroll, Human Resources and benefits; which is now considered “Human Capital Management (HCM)”. AmCheck today provides web-based and mobile friendly technology and managed services that encompass the entire lifecycle of employment. According to Dean Lucente, President & Co-Founder, AmCheck, “Where many providers integrate, patch, and connect systems together, AmCheck has single-source payroll solutions for nearly every component of HCM workforce management.”

AmCheck Managed Services run the full gamut of employer needs, which is vital to a client’s success in workforce management. The company’s managed services cover pre-employment, onboarding, compliance, in-service management, benefit administration, Integration and Technology, Time and POS system services, post employment and managed financial services. “For employers that choose AmCheck, our technology is complimented with managed services to provide them with superior workforce solutions.”

By helping enterprises with adopting technologies to keep up with the fast-paced technological advancements in the HCM arena, AmCheck ensures that the entire transition is smooth and not too overwhelming for them. The firm places a great deal of emphasis on activating certain HCM features in a manner that befits the requirements of different employers. For employer’s keen on improving their processes and efficiencies, AmCheck steps in with their comprehensive repertoire of services and leading edge technology.

Where many providers integrate, patch, and connect systems together, AmCheck has single-source payroll solutions for nearly every component of HCM workforce management

AmCheck feels it’s their responsibility to educate and train clients on how to leverage each feature to get the most out of the system while employing best practices. “AmCheck’s foundation is built on promptness, courtesy, and professionalism and we view ourselves as an extension of our customer’s organizations and take that partnership seriously,” adds Lucente.

Additionally, AmCheck emphasizes on activating features that suit each employer instead of having a regimented or limited offering. The firm lets customers achieve the best practices point for HR/HCM by interweaving managed services and technology to deliver the ultimate HCM experience. “We provide a single point of contact for our customers to facilitate personalized interactions with our experts. In a time where most HCM providers deal with customers more like a transaction and less like a relationship, AmCheck differentiates itself from the rest,” iterates Lucente. AmCheck believes in flexible integration, where AmCheck seamlessly integrates their solutions into a client’s existing framework.

Having extended their operations across U.S., AmCheck’s long term plans are focused on continuing a growth trajectory that leads to entering new markets. The firm is fixated on the idea of enhancing customer satisfaction levels by fine-tuning processes and introducing more value-added solutions. With initiatives that are focused on delivering great experiences for customers, AmCheck is on the track to establish their presence as a premier vendor in the HCM space. “Our technology is supported with the infrastructure of managed services that can point out the voids in any organization or compliment their existing system,” explains Lucente. “Client satisfaction is extremely important to us as evident from our Net Promoter Score (NPS) that has been in the mid 70’s year after year, which means our efforts to please our customers, are not going unnoticed”