WellTrail: A 'Unique' Approach to Corporate Wellness

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Kelli LaPage, Founder & President, WellTrailKelli LaPage, Founder & President
Always put people first, for without them, there is no organization – David Sikhosana.

No one agrees with this saying more than Kelli LaPage, a former athletic trainer at Syracuse University. Having worked closely with customers in the fields of orthopedics, health, nutrition, physical training and injury management for two decades, Kelli grasped the gravity of how “every person’s story, their challenges, life and mindset are unique” and thus there is no one-size fits all approach to a company’s wellness solution. While the customer’s perception became her reality, she decided to deliver unique customer experiences in the realm of corporate wellness through her unique company— WellTrail. Evidently, Unique Wellness Programs wasn’t just a phrase on a poster. Kelli and her dynamic team at WellTrail made it a tangible reality.

“The wellness industry has morphed into something that is very impersonal. Companies continue to claim that their programs are more personal, but nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of wellness companies operate based on online, computerized, social media-driven platforms,” reveals Kelli. She has maneuvered into the world of corporate wellness to explore how vital it is for people to have someone to talk to and navigate them through the changing landscape of health insurance and the associated processes. Torn between the ability to scale quickly and have high profit margins, and the opportunity to support every individual, most wellness companies have ended up with only short-term solutions and success. This is precisely what WellTrail intends to change by delivering long-term success to customers.

WellTrail operates on a wellness model that caters to the multifaceted requirements of each individual. The company partners with employers to monitor and encourage patient wellness within their work hours.
The company provides one-on-one consulting, health assessments and screenings, injury management and containment solutions, ergonomics resources, and customized progress reporting, along with custom health and injury management solutions designed to meet unique needs of employees. With Kelli at the helm as the founder and president, WellTrail focuses on keeping individuals and their requirements at the forefront of its service model and aids in cultivating a healthy workforce with its customizable corporate health solutions.

WellGuides—the company’s uniquely trained healthcare professionals—introduce themselves to employees of the client organization in group meetings and interact with them onsite, or remotely. WellGuides constantly assess and respond to employee needs with customized solutions based on integrative medical knowledge.

WellTrail’s proactive wellness programs can be modified to meet the needs of different industries, including law firms, medical facilities, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and the like. The versatile programs prove useful to the medically under-served client base and encourage them to visit the physician regularly to identify any underlying diseases ahead of time. The customized WellTrail programs coupled with hands-on health risk assessment (HRA) screening prepare the ground for a conversation about the risk factors identified for each employee. As a response to the endemic problem of rising corporate health care costs, the services offered by WellTrail focus on worker compensation, healthcare costs, possible causes of concern and treatment options.

On one occasion, a client approached WellTrail owing to a sudden increase in the number of hand injuries suffered by employees. When problem was traced to the operation of a new piece of equipment, WellTrail customized a group course focusing on glove safety, technical requirements, and ergonomics for the organization’s employees. The freshly adapted training program was delivered to employees, and subsequent follow-ups at the workstations resulted a sharp decline in accidents.

WellTrail aims to modify the current HRAs and create a new model for the same by the end of 2019. The company, which currently serves up to 3500 people in 30 locations across six states, plans to expand in the Midwest and along the east coast.