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LT Ladino Bryson, CEO & Founder, vCandidates.comLT Ladino Bryson, CEO & Founder
Exits, layoffs, and downsizing are never easy. Maintaining brand image during such times of change can be disastrous if the employer is not mindful of the needs of those affected. Brand reputation is tarnished when exits are not handled well and ex-personnel vent their frustration on social media sites and Glassdoor. These negative digital footprints can discourage future talent from applying to a company. has created a low cost solution for companies to protect their brand reputation, lower unemployment benefits costs and workers comp claims as well as create a new company culture standard.

“Change is very difficult for many and being laid off often conjurers thoughts of unworthiness,” states LT Ladino Bryson, CEO and Founder of “We created a subscription offering for employers to include in severance packages that will assist those being affected by a layoff or firing to rebound quicker.” is a cloud-based platform, mobile app and dual CRM system which allows candidates the ability to present their best selves more cohesively on a confidential platform; connecting them with vetted recruiters. Likewise, recruiters are able to have unlimited search and communication capabilities with pre-screened candidates.

By connecting employees directly with recruiters, it is more likely that they will be hired quicker; unemployment periods decrease and workers comp claims lessens. This leads to employees’ gratification, protects brand value, and shifts the perception of company culture, “We are helping employers extend their relationships with employees with a goodwill gesture,” Ladino Bryson continues.
Most outplacement services offered to managers and C-Level executives can be costly.’s 3-Month Basic Employer Outplacement Subscription is only $85 and targets those who earn a minimum of $40,000 annually. The basic subscription allows the candidate to have more control of the submission process instead of filling out multiple online submissions to different employers. “Our platform provides more information regarding a candidate with questionnaires, references, personality test and background check options. The recruiter can gage their viability even before the first conversation.”

We have reinvigorated the search, screening, interviewing, and presentation processes with a low cost solution and expediting the hiring process

As a recruiter for 6 years who personally placed over 600 candidates, Ladino Bryson understands how important it is for employers to have a good reputation when working a job order. “On numerous occasions I have had to dispel negative reviews or hearsay in order to successfully garner the interest of talent. Candidates will not apply to a company if they believe the information they read or have heard about a company. It takes a lot of effort to change their minds,” notes Ladino Bryson.

As a subscription based platform for candidates and recruiters only, was formed to provide enterprise like solutions to independent recruiter or small recruiting firms at a low cost. The goal is to help expedite placements allowing recruiters to become more competitive in the recruiting space and assist with building their recruiting empires. Additionally, also has an online learning and information center, which can be used by both recruiters and candidates to hone their skills by getting more accreditations and certifications.

“We are building a career community like no other which protects candidate information from public exposure and scammers. gives HR and marketing executives a solution to cultivating a better reputation within their industry at a fraction of the cost,” concludes Ladino Bryson.