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Joseph Seboek, Principal Founder & EVP of Recruiting Operations, Symmetry Resource PartnersJoseph Seboek, Principal Founder & EVP of Recruiting Operations
Why look to a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm as a part of your company’s recruiting strategy?

“Speed, volume, seamless operations, alignment of objectives and results, drive the demand for outsourcing and fuel the daily passion at Symmetry Resource Partners,” explains Joseph Seboek, principal founder and EVP of Recruiting Operations for Symmetry Resource Partners, a Texas-based recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) company. Our goal is to empower Human Resources and Talent Acquisition leaders to be more strategic. By realigning some or all of recruiting with Symmetry, companies gain consistency, predictability and a standardized process that is not only transactional, but also addresses quality. Leaders begin to look at their internal structures in a new way, including hiring efficiency, employment branding, issues with hiring managers and cultural silos that contribute to hiring delays and loss of talent. For companies with high volume recruiting needs and pockets of difficult-to-fill positions, outsourcing allows internal recruiting teams to increase their focus and efficiency by reducing their individual hiring loads and placing an emphasis upon quality of relationships between candidates and hiring leaders.

Can you share a client example that illustrates the value you speak about?

In April of this year, we celebrated the two-year anniversary of our partnership with The Kettering Health Network, based in Dayton, Ohio. Kettering is a faith based not-for-profit healthcare organization, with 9 major hospitals and 120 out-patient facilities. Kettering’s Human Resources and Recruiting leadership’s sponsorship for effective change management is pivotal towards our success together. Symmetry’s first project with Kettering was to address a common hurdle many hospitals face, specifically staffing RN operating room nurses and surgical technologists.

I believe an RPO must address process changes and not just fill openings, though filling jobs is important; we have to go beyond that!

Through hiring leader engagement, market re-branding, effective management of internal/external referrals, pro-active sourcing, job marketing campaigns, and high-touch candidate engagement, Symmetry succeeded.

Kettering’s testimonial of the partnership further conveys the RPO’s value proposition.

“Symmetry Resource Partners has been the perfect blend of relational and results oriented. We will expand our partnership with Symmetry to other service lines because of solid hiring results and the positive experience with our hiring leaders and candidates”– Doug Houghton, Director of Talent

What other value does an RPO like Symmetry offer?

I believe an RPO must address process changes and not just fill openings, though filling jobs is important; we have to go beyond that! Companies can leverage Symmetry’s process improvements, deep networks of healthcare professionals established by seasoned recruiters, technology and employment branding campaigns. In doing so, our clients reduce their internal cost centers and increase efficiency in hiring top talent. The demand for qualified and competent healthcare professionals is staggering. Symmetry helps our clients stand out in the crowd of healthcare employers.

What made you choose to specialize in the healthcare industry?

I have had a stake in healthcare for over twenty years, first managing technology related staffing projects with major hospitals. Working on the clinical side was a natural progression. Each day we have the privilege to speak with healthcare professionals at all levels who have a heart for service and enriching people’s lives. The servant focused mission of the clinicians and clinical leaders we work with matches Symmetry’s core values. I am proud to work with my clients in the healthcare industry because I know the benefit of our partnership extends beyond our contract and ultimately touches the lives of the consumer.