Star Culture: Transforming Managers into Leaders

David Long, CEO, Star CultureDavid Long, CEO
Lack of good leadership is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Gallup found that 70 percent of an employee’s engagement is directly related to the supervisor. Your managers are either keeping or driving away your employees.

Do you have managers on your team that have the desire to be a great leader but lack the skill-set? How about managers who have been with your company for years and are now complacent?

Many factors go into making your business a success, and one thing is certain: Everything rises and falls with leadership.

Employees are fulfilled at work if they are engaged in their work. That responsibility belongs to that team member’s direct supervisor. Employee engagement is a leadership issue. When leadership isn’t effective, employees won’t follow managers, and your business can’t get anything accomplished.

Creating a company culture where your employees are “all in” isn’t easy, especially if your leaders lack the knowledge and resources to make it a reality. The only way to truly impact the culture of your organization is to improve leadership.

Managers with good intentions need your support to transform them into leaders who know how to engage and motivate their teams. That’s why so many people have success with Star Culture’s leadership development strategy.

Developing your leadership team is a three-step process:

First, your employees take a short survey to provide anonymous feedback on five core leadership areas: Rewards and Recognition, Communication, Motivation, Development, and Leadership.

Then, leaders work with a personal specialist who coaches them through the survey results and formulate simple actionable steps to make lasting change with your team.

When your organization invests in leadership, you invest in a workplace culture where employees come to because they want to, not because they have to

Finally, leaders have full access to leadership development courses made up of short-burst videos and accompanying workbooks, and start in the area identified as the greatest opportunity.

Nothing like Star Culture exists in the market today. There are engagement surveys, and there are options for leadership development; however, no one else uses surveys to specifically direct a customized leadership development strategy.

Star Culture is the difference between being busy with a bunch of ‘good’ things and being sure that you are implementing the best solutions for your team. Star Culture helps you transform your managers into leaders.

The proof is in the numbers. Star Culture impacts clients’ bottom line through real business metrics, and brings more employee engagement to the workplace. In just four months, a hospitality client saw an 8 percent increase in guest service scores, and a 50 percent decrease in employee turnover. At last report, they’d only lost 1 employee in 90 days, and that’s huge in any service industry. A restaurant client had a location that was ranked 67th in the franchise group move all the way up to 2nd in the group, and remained there for two consecutive quarters, while also seeing a 22 percent increase in sales.

The visionary and driving force behind Star Culture is CEO, David Long, best-selling author of “Built to lead: 7 Management REWARDS Principles for Becoming a Top 10 percent Manager.” David is also CEO of MyEmployees, the simplest employee recognition program in America. (

Star Culture combines leadership development and employee engagement. The result is increased employee retention, revenue, guest satisfaction, and employee engagement levels. When your organization invests in leadership, you invest in a workplace culture where employees come to because they want to, not because they have to.