Snowfly: Enhancing Engagement through Gamification Based Incentivization

Darrin Briggs, President & CEO Elijah Cox, CTO, SnowflyDarrin Briggs, President & CEO Elijah Cox, CTO
“Any business that wants to be successful has to figure out the best ways to engage and retain their talent,” begins Darrin Briggs, President and CEO, Snowfly. Employers need to keep their employees enthusiastic, while ensuring job satisfaction through increased engagement. Many companies are implementing point-based or gamification-based systems to retain talent. When employees are empowered and rewarded, employers benefit greatly. “Gamification has become a way for providing peer recognition as well as manager to employee recognition, and is a key force in this domain,” adds Briggs. Enter Snowfly, a gamification-based incentive, retention, and analytics company that allows firms to have total control of their employee engagement program.

Snowfly’s gamification platform has an innovative gaming system where employees receive tokens for their performance, which can be converted to points by playing a series of quick online games. “They can immediately take their points and transfer into various prizes including, debit cards and Amazon codes, through an online portal. Prizes can be redeemed in real time,” says Briggs. The gaming system is integrated with Snowfly’s budgeting tool, helping firms determine the spending for each individual, every month or week, and allocate their budgets accordingly. Because there is no one-size-fits all solution for employee engagement and incentives, Snowfly’s approach is to understand the motivations and behaviors of teams and customize the rewards and incentive program for each specific business case.

“Apart from engaging and retaining the top performers, firms also need to attract, identify, and hire people who are equally proficient,” says Briggs. To enable firms to hire the best candidates, Snowfly uses Weighted Application Blanks (WABs) methodology for employee on-boarding. WABs have the ability to identify cultural fits for any organization and evaluate work habits of potential hires.

The engagement suite empowers individuals with the data they need to improve their performance. We put Data in Action

Snowfly has incorporated predictive indexes to its platform to help firms map the trends and identify suitable candidates. Using predictive indexing, hiring accuracy can be significantly improved and turnover rates can be dramatically reduced.

These processes of hiring and engaging employees generate silos of data, which Snowfly uses to provide actionable information for real-time reporting, performance and budget forecasting, and relationship analysis. Snowfly’s engagement product suite is all about taking the data being collected and presenting it back to the user in a way that maximizes the individual’s impact on the business. “The engagement suite empowers individuals with the data they need to improve their performance. We put Data in Action,” says Briggs. For instance, a call center was struggling to schedule agents because of high turnover rates. “They asked Snowfly for help. Rather than starting with a metric-based incentive system, we performed a detailed analysis on their historical data and found that their agents were lacking motivation to reach their end goals,” states Elijah Cox, CTO, Snowfly. Snowfly consolidated the client’s incentive budget on baseline metrics and replaced it with a sales competition program, which significantly improved the metrics. “People lasted longer because the incentives were driving retention; their sales were improving; and training costs dropped as a result,” he adds.

“We are working with clients across a myriad of industries. We don’t have a geographical restriction on our platform,” says Briggs. Snowfly has recently launched an upgraded software suite that enhances their capability to engage employees. “We are at the apex of having the ability to tie the metrics from performance and incentive areas into the hiring and selection sphere. We have real time business intelligence and continue to focus on enabling our clients to be efficient in managing their incentives spend,” concludes Briggs.