Ready Software: A Unified Payroll Management Solution

Rachel Swee, Founder & MD, Ready SoftwareRachel Swee, Founder & MD
“Simplifying the job of a human resources manager is our bedrock,” begins Rachel Swee, founder and MD of Ready Software, aptly outlining the DNA of her company. Back in 1993, when payroll operations were mostly carried out manually, Ready Software was one of the first companies in Singapore to systematize the functions of a payroll administrator through well-defined software. Even today— traversing almost three decades—the company’s “quality software with superior services” adage continues to be their strength in the growth journey toward architecting the modern payroll system. Today, Ready Software offers applications to run either On Cloud or On Premise, offering customers a choice.

Swee points out, “Payroll administration is not just about paying the employees on time. There are many nuances to payroll reporting and compliance, which can be quite daunting for HR professionals when done manually.” Ready Software’s modus operandi lies in taking all these complications off the payroll manager’s plate.

One of the earliest versions of the company’s payroll system, as Swee describes, allowed HR professionals to process basic payroll functions and generate the output as monthly, daily and weekly reports. Besides that, the software also helped prepare documents and e-submission files that needed to be submitted to the government and other statutory bodies. In fact, Swee remarks, Ready Software’s agility in incorporating compliance requirements in the payroll software— and constantly updating it when the rules change—is one of the key reasons behind the company’s sustainability in the HR arena.
“Today, our payroll solution,, has vastly improved upon the legacy of its predecessors; with advanced automation and analytics components, it is more than a run-of-the-mill payroll software,” highlights Swee. Besides, is also on the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) vendor list. Utilizing the rates provided by these statutory bodies, automatically calculates CPF contributions and IRAS taxable income that the employers are supposed to submit.

That said, Swee also notes what makes their software so valued among their clients: “When we come up with new versions of our payroll software, we do not stop supporting our clients who are comfortable using the older versions.” In fact, many of Ready Software’s clients claim that they are satisfied with the company’s older software—which speaks volumes about Ready Software’s promise toward quality.

“While offering outstanding software and services has always been our primary motive, we are now expanding our horizon to make HR practices more employee-driven through numerous self-service applications,” reveals the founder. She further elaborates that keeping track of all the employees in an organization has never been a cakewalk for the HR. Understanding this challenge well, Ready Software offers an array of self-service applications that can be seamlessly integrated with ReadyPayHR. net to empower employees to take an active part in HR processes. Through applications like Ready Leave, Ready ePayAdvice, Ready Claim, Ready Timesheet, ReadyForm and Ready NoticeBoard, employees can view their pay slips history or new corporate announcements, apply leaves, and submit claims seamlessly from their laptops or mobile devices 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

In the coming years, Swee strongly believes that employee self-service is going to drive the next revolution in the HR landscape. Aiming to be in the forefront of this revolution, Ready Software intends to roll out more self-service applications. “We are thrilled for the recognition as Top 10 Payroll Solution Providers in Asia Pacific 2018. These accolades encourage us to continue innovating and delivering value to customers and to enhance their productivity and assist in their digital transformation,” says Swee. Simultaneously, Ready Software is also poised to make a global entry. “Though the present focus is to intensify our services on the APAC region, geographical expansion is on our roadmap,” she concludes.