Montage: Purpose-built Technology for Creating Hiring Advantages

Kurt Heikkinen, President & CEO, MontageKurt Heikkinen, President & CEO
“Organizations today receive thousands of applications per position and their recruitment teams face the unfeasible task of effectively engaging and assessing the talent within a specific timeframe,” expresses Kurt Heikkinen, President and CEO, Montage. The experts at Montage have over time observed how the traditional recruitment process has been expensive and time-consuming for the employer while being inconsequential and complicated for the candidate. Propelled by these factors, the firm undertook the task of transforming the hiring process, presenting an absolute candidate experience, and enabling optimal hiring outcomes for employers.

Distinguishing their solutions from general video conferencing and chat tools, Delafield, WI-based Montage delivers a purpose-built solution to meet an enterprise’s complex requirements of meeting their hiring goals. “The key aspects of talent acquisition include the delivery of a brand experience, a supported workflow for the recruitment process, and integration with other recruitment technologies,” enunciates Heikkinen. To support these endeavors, Montage has developed a platform and a suite of applications—for live and on-demand voice and video capabilities— specifically tailored for talent acquisition and aptly referred to as “purpose-built.” According to Heikkinen, “Scheduling is a primary area of concern for organizations and Montage’s event-based scheduling solution addresses numerous use cases that companies can envision.” This encompasses the candidate self-scheduling of an in-person interview, a live interview or a phone interview, as well as bringing self-scheduling support to more complex interview events. A hiring manager can publish their schedule to multiple candidates, who can click on a link to see availability of time slots, choose the one that works best for their schedule and receive a calendar for the slated interview.

Scheduling is a primary area of concern for organizations and Montage’s event-based scheduling solution addresses numerous use cases that companies can envision

Furthermore, Montage’s combination of on-demand video and voice solutions allow candidates to complete an interview on their own time and schedule, learning more about the opportunities, along with showcasing and marketing their skills and fit for a position. “We reduce the cost per hire on average by several hundred dollars per hire, all the while giving the candidates more control and convenience than ever before,” delineates Heikkinen. Meanwhile, the recruiters gain better insights into a candidate’s caliber, in addition to comprehending their fit for a position and then process the information in a more efficient way. “On the operational side we provide significant benefits by reducing the “time to fill,” a key recruiting metric that saves the clients 2-3 weeks for positions that may take weeks or even months to fill,” adds Heikkinen. In one instance, Montage helped ESPN’s Connecticut Office with a specific challenge that entailed increasing and improving the diversity of their on-air broadcasting talent. Montage’s on-demand solution allowed ESPN to socialize a link through different social media channels that diverted potential candidates from 53 countries to a branded landing page with information about the on-air broadcasting internship program, enabling a quicker application process.

An avid fan of ice hockey, Heikkinen divulges that Montage’s culture is defined by a winning attitude and a strategic approach as he believes there is a ‘little bit of a hockey player’ within the team members. Additionally, the leadership at Montage has a very committed product vision to enhance the candidate experience, solve talent acquisition issues, deliver superior mobile capabilities, while making sure they are enterprise grade and cater to the global markets. “We invest a lot of energy and resources on optimizing the screening, scheduling, and interviewing processes all the way from sourcing at the top of the funnel down to employee onboarding,” concludes Heikkinen.