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Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) has become a crucial part of organizations in almost every industry. Kaizen Human Capital, an evidence-based HR consulting company, believes in the DDDM approach to meet situation-specific needs, improve ROI, and tackle current or future challenges of business. The company applies a healthy mix of academic and industry research to solve issues faced by organizations such as those surrounding inclusion diversity and equity (IDE) and performance management. Most companies are still learning the process to create an equitable environment that includes the diversity between both baby boomers and millennials. Kaizen Human Capital offers IDE consulting to organizations to help them understand and manage the ever-growing multicultural landscape and provide a more productive and healthy work environment for everyone. “We use a specific methodology to collect and analyze data as it relates to an organization’s gaps or needs. Once we have analyzed the data, we work with our clients to implement an array of evidence-based solutions”, says Dr Ed Hasan, Managing Partner of Kaizen Human Capital. He further adds that the company offers leadership coaching and conducts seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects, including diversity, leadership, conflict, and performance management.

Kaizen Human Capital’s evidence-based techniques guide firms toward helping them enhance skills and insights from management to the executive level to build individual strength, potential, and healthy business leadership for best-combined outcomes. The company leverages research and best practices to help manage employee performance and leadership development. Kaizen Human Capital also offers HR consulting and full-service outsourcing services to small or medium-sized organizations that either need to supplement their current HR department or don’t need an in-house HR department.

We build meaningful relationships with our clients, become part of their team, and partner with them to resolve their issues; we aren’t afraid to dig in and get our hands dirty

Kaizen Human Capital distinguishes itself from other competitors in the market by leveraging a mix of both academic and practitioner expertise, while most consulting companies are either one or the other. Moreover, the company believes in building a relationship with their clients rather than keeping it transactional-based like other players in the market. “We build meaningful relationships with our clients, become part of their team, and partner with them to resolve their issues; we aren’t afraid to dig in and get our hands dirty,” says Dr Hasan.

Several years ago, Kaizen Human Capital successfully managed to resolve the major issue of recruiting and retaining the diverse set of employees faced by one of their clients, which was affecting their revenue. With in-depth analysis and introduction of different concepts and approaches to IDE, the company identified and eliminated the gaps in the organization. This resulted in exponential progress in their recruitment and retention strategies and appointment of a female CEO for the first time in the organization’s history.

The company sees its growth in achieving its mission of making employees their primary and center focal point. Unlike the old school model that only focused on revenue rather than employees, Kaizen Human Capital invoke to invoke change in organizations across the world and by creating an environment that is inclusive and empowering for all employees.
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Kaizen Human Capital

Kaizen Human Capital

Tysons, VA

Ed Hasan, CEO & Managing Partner

Kaizen Human Capital is an evidence-based organizational development, leadership coaching, and human resource consulting firm. Kaizen’s methodology leverages evidence-based HR solutions to meet organizational needs. The Kaizen team is comprised of members of the academic community and experienced practitioners. The firm offers every client the ideal mix between practical HR know-how and the best evidence-based supporting guidelines. As practitioners and active researchers, Kaizen Human Capital contributes findings and experiences to cultivate an actionable knowledge base for organizations in every sector