Info Cubic: Background Checks and Drug Testing Made Simple

Jason Rennie, SVP of Sales & Marketing, Info CubicJason Rennie, SVP of Sales & Marketing
While advancements in technology that help improve and streamline the user as well as applicant experience are critically important, employers would be wise to find a screening partner who is equally invested in providing a unique customer service experience. Poised at the intersection of delivering a seamless recruitment and onboarding experience, Info Cubic is just the ticket that businesses need to fulfill their screening needs. With integrations between a company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and screening providers becoming the norm today, the quest for a partner that can not only fulfill the screening and drug testing process but can also do so while safeguarding the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and adhere to the ever-changing compliance mandates is at a record high. By leveraging its experience in integrating dozens of the most popular ATSs in the market today, Info Cubic caters to this need and provides seamless background checks and drug testing solutions.

Their secure web based platform, The Cube, accommodates customized integrations to tackle the different variations that an ATS platform might have, including new security measures, and client-specific features. Their I-9 and E-Verify solution reduces inaccurate data entry by ensuring required fields are filled correctly. It also flags improper data formatting, and allows candidates to upload supporting documentation. What’s more, the solution takes much of the guess work out of the hands of recruiters and hiring managers by presenting the correct documentation to candidates, even generating the appropriate letters and forms for Tentative Non-confirmation (TNC) from E-Verify and allowing DHS to post back the cleared results.

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Through an easy-to-monitor widget in the Cube, Info Cubic provides organizations an encompassing view of all their I-9 activity and mitigates the need for additional logins.

The firm also complies with relevant regulations by continually monitoring all applicable agencies for news and updates, maintaining membership in industry organizations, developing relationships with officials from governing bodies, and supplementing their in-house research and analysis. Jason Rennie, SVP of sales and marketing at Info Cubic adds, “We utilize resources at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the European Union and various regulatory bodies around the world to ensure that the screening methods and information we provide is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.” Info Cubic has a multi-touch communication strategy that includes webinars, whitepapers, compliance bulletins, and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to discuss new legislation and compliance topics. Further, Rennie believes that Info Cubic’s emphasis on being ISO Certified and NAPBS accredited, and in particular, their team members’ subject matter expertise, steers the company ahead of the competition.

From a community point of view, Info Cubic is committed to assisting American Veterans and their families. Being a background screening provider, their core business model doesn’t directly involve sourcing American veteran applicants; however, they do offer a unique benefit in that they won’t charge for the background screening of any American Veteran that their clients hire. It is the company’s focus on new technology, process improvements and customer service that enables them to provide an enhanced experience for their clients as well as the applicants. As an extension, the firm plans to improve its processes even further in the near future and expand its functionalities. “With the increased demand from the market for a quality screening partner that balances technology and service, we plan to expand our operations by adding sales consultants and support staff to our team in 2018,” concludes Rennie.