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Chandru Pingali, Founder & CEO, iCubeChandru Pingali, Founder & CEO
Of the many reasons why HR function is the least invested in a company, two-standout: one, is the fuzziness around HCM and how it adds value to business, and the other, access to trustworthy, affordable HR expertise on demand. In other words, business leaders ask to simplify the understanding of HCM, and, to make it accessible, quick & cost-effective!

Start-ups, SMEs & fast growing enterprises recognize the importance of better people management practices to grow & sustain their business. They acknowledge the need to invest in HR capability; however, most leaders postpone the need, until they can no longer ignore it! They seek simple, digitized, structured and affordable solutions to drive their people practices.

Enter iCube!

iCube, a renowned HCM solution provider - whose credo is to make HCM simple, accessible, quick and cost-effective - aces the HR landscape with its groundbreaking SolveCubeHR. This one-stop-shop HR marketplace platform allows buyers and sellers of HR service and product solutions, find, buy, sell and transact online. iCube’s HR marketplace platform is built keeping in mind a business leader’s need for access to a choice of cost effective, trustworthy, HR solutions quickly, on the one hand; and a solution provider’s need for inexpensive access to new business, with payments received on time.
To put it into perspective, Chandru Pingali, Founder and CEO, explains, “iCube’s interactive HR platform is not an ordinary HRMS platform, nor recruitment or learning platform, but it’s an aggregator of curated experts, service firms, and HR tech products with the ability to meet the HR needs of any business, made accessible in no time at all.”

What SolveCubeHR brings to the table is the complete find, buy and deliver cycle online! “For example if a buyer is looking for a part time HR expert, to set-up or step-up the HR function, he/she will receive a matched line up of service providers, will be able to converse, contract the service and set up a performance, milestone linked payment schedule online” explains Chandru Pingali.

iCube is on a mission to pioneer and lead the way the value of HCM is understood, and HR solutions are identified and implemented. To begin with, it consolidated the components and practice areas of HCM into “The Pentagon Model©”. Its two digital tools P3 and ICE Cube optimize business operations and build progressive people practices, while assessing maturity, capability and effectiveness of people practices in anywhere between 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Pingali cites the example of a bank that wanted to weave its business and people strategy which would transform their business performance. By leveraging the tool and a workshop, they were able to identify top five priorities of the company and devise a plan in 3 days. iCube went on to implement the transformation agenda, along with the strong leadership of the Bank, over an eighteen month period, during which the bank achieved six times growth in performance and 4 times ROI in transformation. The bank became the one and only bank in the industry to receive a business excellence award from the country premier.

Finally, with its ready-to-use HR toolkits that are downloadable and customizable, iCube has reduced the time and cost involved in setting up or reviewing a HR function for Start-ups, SMEs and growing companies.

iCube has currently set out to make its mark on the global market with a footprint in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In conclusion Pingali says, “While iCube will continue to integrate the power of its domain expertise with technology to create seamless, business focused HCM solutions, our aim right now, is to be the leading intelligent HR marketplace platform that provides access to quality- assured HR solutions with speed and optimal costs.”
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Chandru Pingali, Founder & CEO

iCube is a consortium of select global and local practitioners to build HR and Organisational capability for clients. It is an expert Human Capital Management (HCM) firm that develops structured HR practices for enterprises to support sustained business performance. The company supports regional and global organizations to set up their businesses in markets they serve or enable expansion of local companies regionally. Their HR products and HR services cater to the needs of SMEs and growing companies and designed to make HR simple, agile, and cost-effective. They are expert practitioners from diverse nationalities and specialist organizations and are operating in markets like Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK, and Africa