Findley: Preparing the Workforce for Change

Kimberlie England, Principal and Change Management Practice Leader, FindleyKimberlie England, Principal and Change Management Practice Leader
There are a number of human resources challenges that businesses are finding increasingly difficult to overcome. Attracting and retaining talent has become increasingly competitive in a tight job market. That puts even more pressure on HR teams to ensure their compensation structures, performance management, leadership and development, and use of HR technologies are best in class. Still, in a fast paced world, how is it possible to put new programs in place while continuing to do the daily blocking and tackling? Findley helps its clients advance their HR programs.

Findley is a human resources consulting firm that focuses on human capital and benefits services. The company was founded in 1969 and serves over 2,000 clients in all 50 states. We discussed Findley’s human capital services with Kimberlie England, who is the firm’s Human Capital Practice Leader. “What sets Findley apart from its competitors is the way we help our clients find Human Capital solutions,” says England. “We not only help employers identify their issues and build solution-oriented strategies, we work side-by-side with our clients, ensuring a successful implementation. That is a key differentiator in the market.”

Findley’s human capital consultants often work directly with a company’s management team to help them determine if their compensation and rewards systems are aligned with business goals and if the company is paying competitively. One such client wanted to transition their guaranteed cost-of-living pay increase program to a pay for performance incentive system. To begin the process, Findley helped the client clarify roles in the organization and ensure job descriptions were up-to-date. Next, Findley benchmarked the client’s compensation structure with peer group organizations.
Findley then developed a performance management process that: (1) linked individual goals with company goals, (2) aligned with organizational values, and (3) included individual professional development plans. Before implementation, Findley worked with the client’s leadership team to train managers on how to have productive performance discussions with employees. After completing similar projects for multiple clients, Findley has identified a clear need— leadership development and coaching.

As more clients ask for performance management solutions, Findley is finding that many managers and leaders are not prepared to implement those solutions because they are not ready to connect with employees on a level that would make a difference in an employee’s professional development. “We see real opportunity to expand our leadership development and coaching services,” shares England.

Findley also works with organizations to determine the human resource technologies that best fit their needs. This effort begins with an assessment process, which is followed by the development of a strategic plan. For example, Findley may work with a company to determine whether it is better to outsource a particular process or to maintain it in-house. Once a decision is made, Findley will help the company evaluate and select the technology solution that supports the new process. Findley Human Capital consultants are involved in everything from completing the requirements analysis, to sending out a Request for Proposal, to selecting the best-fit technology provider, all the way down to contracting, negotiations, and project managing the implementation.

England also shared that with the consolidation of the largest HR and benefits consulting firms in recent years, an underserved market has emerged. “In general, companies with 1,000 to 10,000 employees are not a priority for the world’s largest consulting firms. These mid-market companies are looking for a consulting firm that pays close attention to them, provides great client service and is large enough to address their complex issues. That’s Findley.”

To prepare for the future, Findley has continually hired the right talent to support its clients with their performance management, compensation, change management, leadership and development and HR technology needs. As the marketplace identifies new challenges in the human capital space, Findley will be there to address those challenges for its clients.