E3 HR: Solving the Workers' Compensation Puzzle

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Tim Dinneen, VP of Risk Management, E3 HRTim Dinneen, VP of Risk Management
*Click* After hanging up the phone with yet another client concerned with their Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Tim Dinneen knew there had to be a better way to provide them with affordable coverage. Based on the emerging needs of clients, E3 HR Inc. was formed. Comprised of a team with over 50 years of combined industry experience, they were driven by a focus on providing Workers’ Compensation coverage, risk management and payroll and tax services. Launching in 2016, E3 HR is now in its third year of operation and has experienced impressive and steady growth.

E3 HR’s Workers’ Compensation program is designed to provide coverage to a broad selection of businesses. Currently, they have a large concentration of clients in the temporary staffing, construction and transportation industries. E3 HR’s loss control program effectively minimizes risk, manages claims and ultimately saves the client money. The company partners with customers to develop safety programs in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Dinneen, VP of Risk Management at E3 HR and his team visit job sites to assess risk effectively and establish a safer work environment. In addition to managing risk, E3 HR regularly updates clients on new labor laws and best employment practices.

In a world where workplace accidents and injuries can destroy a company’s bottom line, employers need to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to Workers’ Compensation fraud.

If a client is having a hard time securing Workers’ Compensation coverage, we want to hear their story and help be a part of the solution

“We are proud to help our clients tackle questionable incidents which threaten to take advantage of the Workers’ Compensation system with false claims,” said Dinneen. By doing so, E3 HR reduces claims and keeps insurance premiums affordable for their respective clients.

The company fully embraces relationships to create a mutually beneficial partnership with each of its clients. “We take the time to become familiar with each business inside and out. If a prospective client is having a hard time securing Workers’ Compensation coverage, we want to hear their story and help be a part of the solution,” emphasized Dinneen.

Recently, E3 HR was approached by a New Jersey based staffing company who claimed they were having a hard time making profit, Dinneen set out to help. It was quickly determined that the client was utilizing the wrong class code; the consequence of which was lost profit. E3 HR did not stop there. They contacted the New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau and requested a classification audit be performed. “After the field inspection, the bureau changed the class code, thereby lowering the rate and allowing our client to see significant profit,” said Dinneen.

While the PEO industry experiences continued growth, E3 HR has positioned itself to be a long-term leader because of its commitment to exceptional customer service and its emphasis on risk management.