Cornerstone OnDemand: Cloud-based Talent Management Software for Employee Engagement

Adam Miller, President & CEO, Cornerstone OnDemandAdam Miller, President & CEO
As an innovative approach to human resource management, employee engagement understands employees and measures their commitment towards an organization’s goals and values, contributing to organizational success, with an enhanced sense of well-being. Today, many organizations are in need of viable partners that can efficiently engage each employee to invariably achieve business goals. Empowering such organizations to engage their workforces, leverage people performance, and drive greater business results, Cornerstone OnDemand [NASDAQ:CSOD] provides cloud-based talent management software solutions.

The Santa Monica-based company began as an initiative to help people realize their potential back in 1999. “We founded Cornerstone OnDemand in my one bedroom apartment,” recounts Adam Miller, President and CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand. Today, the company offers services to more than 22 million users across 191 countries. “From the point of recruiting to training and managing people, we assist organizations to engage their workforces and empower their personnel,” says Miller. The company’s software solutions motivate employees to perform their best, impacting each aspect of the employee experience, which in turn amounts to increased productivity and better business results.

In its endeavors to align business goals with individual goals in organizations, Cornerstone unifies the entire enterprise. From recruiting to succession, the company helps enterprises to manage all the phases of employee lifecycle under a single platform. Cornerstone’s social sourcing, integrated hiring capabilities, applicant management, and employee referrals assist organizations by delivering quick access to better candidates. The company supports organizations with the on-boarding process of new hires by keeping them engaged with training, social tools and goal setting opportunities. Through Cornerstone’s on-boarding service, many organizations can effortlessly enable networking for new hires.

From the point of recruiting to training and managing people, we assist organizations to engage their workforces and empower their personnel

By utilizing the company’s Cornerstone Compensation tool, organizations can unify compensation, performance, and budgets without having to integrate different platforms and separate sources of employee data. It enables executives and managers to foster pay-for-performance culture, automate compensation planning and enhance transparency in a single location that has a single database. In order to support organizations proactively address workforce issues and increase organizational longevity, Cornerstone Succession allows them to utilize learning, performance, and succession information stored in a single system. The fact that all the tools are provided under a single platform allows organizations to avoid integrating separate systems to put together training records, reviews, and compensation data.

Cornerstone is strongly acclaimed for untangling its clients’ complexities and helping them drive better results. To shed light on one of Cornerstone’s customer success stories, Virgin Media, a telephone service company wanted to align its employees to organizational strategy, improve engagement, and also encourage personal development. Virgin Media approached Cornerstone looking for a solution that can handle all of their backend process without having to provision any IT resources. The Cornerstone Learning Cloud and Performance Cloud software formed Virgin Media’s in-house learning and development system, which at the same time became the central hub for all courses, management and progression tracking. The managers at Virgin Media could easily set performance targets and career goals through central learning and performance management system. Additionally, all the employees could view their individual, immediate, and long-term training and performance status.

With plethora of such similar stories, Cornerstone continues to help organizations thrive in a highly competitive environment. “We continue to provide better cloud-based applications to help organizations recruit, train, manage, and connect people in the coming days,” concludes Miller.