BirdDogHR: Easy to use Applicant Tracking through a Cloud - Based Recruitment System

Driven by shifts in generational differences, work ethics, desired flexibility and transparency, employee retention and engagement are now major challenges that companies face. As the baby boomers retire and the millennials join the workforce, organizations are struggling to fill the skills gap between the age groups. Many organizations are having a hard time connecting the dots in aligning employee engagement strategies with business strategies. Simplifying the task of finding the right candidates and keeping them engaged, BirdDogHR offers a recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as a part of a complete talent management system that includes onboarding, performance management, learning management, succession planning, and managed services.

“With the ability to track and hunt resembling a bird dog, we provide solutions that track and find the right candidates for clients,” says Ann Torry, VP of Marketing, BirdDogHR. Headquartered in Des Moines, IA, the company focuses on providing talent management services and solutions to federal contractors and also those in the construction, engineering, transportation, supply chain management, and manufacturing sectors. Ann adds, “After our clients hire the right people we can also assist them with engaging, developing, and retaining the talent, while helping organizations stay compliant.”

To effectively manage the employment lifecycle, the company provides a comprehensive suite of talent management software to clients. “BirdDogHR Recruitment and ATS improves the quality and quantity of applicants and helps companies create a strong employment brand,” remarks Ann. It also enables job distribution, candidate management, and reporting driving efficiency and compliance. Built specifically for federal contractors, the solution has open Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that integrate with the top job boards on the market today in addition to niche job boards. While other ATS providers must approach third-party providers to integrate job boards for job distribution, BirdDogHR manages the system on its own. “We focus on making sure that our reporting is accepted by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and the Department of Labor,” says Ann. Additionally, BirdDogHR’s ATS can be configured to suit the changes in a client’s hiring processes.

BirdDogHR helps companies recruit, hire, engage, develop, and retain a top workforce, while helping organizations stay compliant

In addition to its integrated talent management software suite, BirdDogHR offers managed services around recruiting. The company’s Source Assist service can act as an extension of a client’s recruiting department by helping with specialized recruiting functions that need to be completed. The company also offers FasTrack Premier Managed Services to help clients with sourcing hard-to-fill or specialty positions.

One of the key case studies from BirdDogHR involves an aggregate company, Martin Marietta Materials, with about 7000 employees. The client was facing workforce recruiting challenges and was in need of a scalable, recruitment system to replace its existing manual recruitment process. By implementing the BirdDogHR ATS, Martin Marietta created a systematic recruitment process. It enabled them to stack rank candidates with pre-qualifying questions and, “Saved the HR leaders approximately four hours a week while improving job distribution by 75 percent. Martin Marietta also expedited their job distribution, attracting candidates 50 percent faster,” says Ann.

Forging ahead, “We have a large focus on social recruiting, analytics and job distribution,” states Ann. In the upcoming years, the company plans to add additional features and further enhance its complete talent management solution.