Ascendify: New App Uses Collaboration to Drive Better Hiring Outcomes

Matt Hendrickson, Founder & CEO, AscendifyMatt Hendrickson, Founder & CEO
Most recruiting software of the past were not designed for building long-term relationships with talent. Even as the Internet began to make an impact on enterprises, it only led to what the industry termed as a “post and pray” era—post to job boards and pray you land some good talent. With the advent of Facebook and LinkedIn, the emphasis quickly shifted to social recruiting. Companies shifted resources away from job boards toward engaging a talent community of passive talent over time. Also, most software did not work on mobile, nor enabled collaboration with others. So, companies today are saddled with multiple solutions from multiple vendors, some with clunky interfaces and complex, unreliable integrations. But, when departments work in silos with data spread across multiple systems, and multiple logins, people cannot collaborate and then don’t make strong decisions.

Yet, according to Ascendify CEO, Matt Hendrickson, hiring decisions should be about people coming together to make important decisions about whom to hire. “So, with Ascendify, we reimagined every aspect of the talent acquisition process, to come up with an end-to-end recruiting platform that is designed to get people work better together and make critical hiring decisions.” Ascendify’s platform covers sourcing to selection and onboarding, combining recruitment marketing, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) into a single enterprise app. It also assembles all the data analytics in one place so you can easily see what’s working and not working from a single dashboard. Besides helping drive a variety of talent initiatives, the platform is adept at handling the recruitment marketing needs of modern sourcing teams.

Designed from the ground up for global enterprises, the platform uses a capability framework to assess the most suitable candidates while enabling better, and faster, hiring decisions. Ascendify’s platform is built for collaboration at all levels and across all functions, helping people make decisions together.

Our end-to-end talent acquisition platform is designed to get people working better together to make critical hiring decisions

Our visionary clients are even shifting away from outdated, traditional measurements like time-to-fill and cost-of-hire and toward newer standards such as quality-of-hire and are using pre-hire assessments and collaborative decision-making to drive better results. Ascendify works on the world’s most popular mobile devices and with its elegant interface, proves to be a fast, easy and a simple solution.

“We have put a lot of thought into each stage of the processes. Take onboarding, for example. Our system connects directly to all the company’s learning assets (LMS) helping employees develop skills for the job and fill skill gaps during their first 90 days,” says Hendrickson. “This reduces time to productivity, making sure employees hit the ground running.”

Hendrickson places his faith in hiring the best talent, “Ascend means to go up. We firmly believe that if employees are perfectly suited to their role, they will be more engaged and productive and companies will grow,” he affirms.

Ascendify’s customers include some of the largest companies in the world—General Electric, Panasonic, and Deloitte. Using Ascendify’s recruitment platform, GE has built relationships with millions of candidates and now hires the necessary technical talent to drive its transformation to a digital industrial company. Panasonic improved the quality of its hiring decisions, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on complex integrations, multiple systems, and data exchanges between platforms. Deloitte uses Ascendify to manage its vast network of contingent workers.

As Ascendify looks ahead in 2017, Hendrickson believes collaboration will remain paramount in everything his company does. “Collaboration is key and our end-to-end platform helps bring teams together. Our tag line is, bring talent together,” he concludes.